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About Vantage

Advisory Board

The Vantage Advisory Board members are Vantage customers who represent the point of view of our travelers to the company. They provide input on new destinations; suggest ways to improve quality, pacing, and service; and generally act as sounding boards for our travel planners. They're also happy to respond to your emails with questions about particular destinations they've experienced.

Our Advisory Board members welcome emails or phone calls about their Vantage experience or individual journeys they have taken. See below for member contact information and a list of trips each has taken.

For customer-service related questions or specific issues, we ask that you do not contact our Advisory Board members. Instead, you should contact Vantage Customer Service toll-free at 1-888-982-6824, or simply click here to e-mail us.

Vantage Board Members and Vantage Trips Taken:

Thomas and Patricia Saluti

Sharon, MA

Thomas and Patricia have been avid travelers since they first met, and have been on a number of vacations sprawling across the U.S., Mexico, and Europe. They became Vantage fans after being impressed by our exceptional value and trip offerings. It also didn't hurt that their first Vantage trip was in 2008 for their honeymoon!

Journeys taken with Vantage:  
Castles along the Rhine & Danube 2008
ISailing the Mediterranean 2011
Waterways of Holland and Belgium 2013
Upcoming trip with Vantage:  
French Waterways 2014

Geoffrey & Kathryn Churchill

Hanover, MA

One of Geoffrey and Kathryn's more memorable travel experiences was a road trip across the United States with 15 different stops to visit family and friends. However, after taking a Vantage Danube River cruise they were struck by how wonderful it was to float downstream while experiencing so many beautiful locations. They are excited to take more Memorable Journeys with Vantage in the near future and to meet people who share their love of traveling.
Journeys taken with Vantage:  
Gateway to the Black Sea 2013
Upcoming trip with Vantage:  
Trans-Canada Rail Odyssey & the Rockies 2014

Kamila Barzykowski

Warwick, RI

Traveling has been Kamila's passion ever since she took a family vacation to the White Mountains in New Hampshire at the age of 10. She still takes up to two trips a year as a single traveler so she can continue to "see the wonders of our world, both in nature and made by man."

Journeys taken with Vantage:  
Japan & Transpacific Passage 2008
Gems of the World, The Ultimate Voyage 2011
Cruising the Rhine During the Holiday Season 2011
Norway, A Voyage of the Northern Lights 2014

Randi Werner

Andover, MA

Randi is an enthusiastic traveler who has visited everywhere from Lake Tahoe to Red Square. Whether she is traveling with her husband across the United States, or going on a solo journey through Europe, she is always excited to learn more about art, jewelry making, and cooking. She continues to live by her mantra: "Live today as tomorrow is never promised."

Journeys taken with Vantage:  
Holiday Markets River Cruise 2004
Holland & Belgium in Bloom 2006
Russian Treasures River Cruisetour 2007
Croatia & Montenegro 2008
New Zealand, Australia & the Great Barrier Reef 2010
Upcoming trip with Vantage:  
Best of Africa: South Africa, Botswana, Namibia 2014

Patricia Diskin

Wrentham, MA

Patricia has always been a traveler, from her childhood growing up with a father in the military to the vacations she regularly took with her husband and two children as an adult. Now retired, Patricia is still motivated by the urge to learn more "about people and places somewhere else."

In addition to seeing exciting new locations, her most memorable travel moments have come while sitting down for dinner with local families and creating new personal connections.

Journeys taken with Vantage:  
Best of Africa 2011
Upcoming trip with Vantage:  
Morocco's Imperial Cities & Saharan Sands 2014

William and Patricia Nestork

Charlotte, VT

Natives of New York who now considers themselves Vermonters through and through, Patricia and William have been married since 1962 but were only bitten by the travel bug in the last decade. Traveling both as Vantage Group Leaders and as a couple, they've created a number of everlasting memories around the world as they continue to learn about new the culture, customs, and history of every new destination.

Journeys taken with Vantage:  
Castles along the Rhine & Danube 2007
Trans-Canada Rail Odyssey & the Rockies 2007
Eastern Europe & the Black Sea 2008
Waterways of Holland and Belgium 2010
French Waterways 2011
Splendors of the Italian Lakes & Swiss Alps 2012
Portugal and Douro River Valley 2013
Upcoming trip with Vantage:  
Seine River Cruise 2014

Helga Reinisch

Mansfield, MA

After devoting the last 30 years to raising her daughter and a career in the corporate world, single traveler Helga says she is now looking forward to "enjoying the freedom to travel to my heart's content." A native of Austria who is fluent in German and also speaks Italian, Greek, and Spanish, she is excited to visit historic sites and see more of what the travel world has to offer.
Upcoming trip with Vantage:  
The Heart of Africa: On Safari in Kenya & Tanzania 2014