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Vantage Worldwide Discoveries Land Journeys

Explore Far from the Crowds

The real discoveries lie far from the tourist crowds, so that’s where we’ll take you. Driven by our spirit of discovery and desire to learn about local culture, we steer clear of the paths that have been worn by so many others. Don’t worry – we’ll still show you the major landmarks that make your destination special … the Great Barrier Reef, the Grand Canyon, Machu Picchu … but we know that the soul of the culture lies within its people. In our small groups of just 18 to 24 travelers, we meet them face to face.

Land Tours
A Full and Rich Itinerary

We cover a lot of ground, but not at a breakneck speed. Because our group is so small, we can move more quickly and see more so you get the most out of your experience. And if you like a dash of adventure, you’ll love riding a single-horse “jaunting car” to Ireland’s Muckross House; haggling with locals at Otavalo, the largest market in South America; or mingling with fishermen on the shores of Lake Victoria in Kenya.

Lodgings with a Local Accent

Part of what makes Vantage Worldwide Discoveries so unique is the accommodations we’ve chosen to enhance your experience. You won’t find large chain hotels with flat, sterile interiors and crowds of other guests. Rather, we’ve selected smaller and authentic lodgings that evoke the local character and feel. Whether at a boutique-style hotel at the heart of a city center, a safari lodge with luxury touches in the middle of the bush, or a magnificently restored palace in India... just because your day comes to a close, it doesn't mean your discovery does. In short, our accommodations say as much about your destination as the destination itself.

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