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Norway: A Voyage of the Northern Lights

Norway • Denmark

Aboard  ms Finnmarken  or  ms Nordlys  or  ms Polarlys  or  ms Richard With

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Norway’s landscapes are covered in pure white snow during winter, and the air is fresh, clean, and crisp. During this time, the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) often appear. The shimmering, shifting phenomenon are created when cosmic rays stream from deep space into the upper atmosphere, making the snow glisten and sparkle. Join us on this relaxing winter-season version of our popular Grand Norwegian Coastal Voyage, and you’ll sail northward along the pristine coastline, crossing the Arctic Circle to the regions where the days are short and the Northern Lights regularly put on their spectacular sky show. During your cruise, enjoy Vantage-exclusive lectures about life, history, and culture along the Norwegian shore. You’ll also be able to partake of an array of winter-focused activities on ship and shore. Your Vantage itinerary includes two nights in the historic port town of Bergen.

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