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Treasures of France: A Grand River Journey from Normandy to Provence


Aboard  ms River Venture

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Explore France's countless delights on a European river cruise through historic Normandy, Burgundy, Beaujolais, and Provence. And visit Paris during your Seine River cruise, too, of course! Your France river cruise begins by tracing the Seine from Paris to the coast and back aboard the Deluxe ms River Venture. On the Normandy coast, follow the heroic journey of Allied soldiers who stormed the beaches on D-Day. Then, your Seine River cruise leads back to Paris, the "City of Light," where your France river cruise continues to the Mediterranean aboard the Deluxe ms River Discovery II. Along the way, pass through landscapes where the magical light inspired van Gogh, and encounter ancient towns, lush vineyards and historic wine estates, great châteaux, and numerous architectural treasures. As you cruise, indulge your palate with wine and chocolate tastings, and many more samplings of regional specialties. Throughout this one-of-a-kind European river cruise, you'll experience the richly satisfying culture, cuisine, and joie de vivre that make France such an inspiring destination.

Many children and family members of war veterans visit the Normandy coast to honor their ancestors' service to our country. If you're not sure of when and where your family members may have served, you can visit these helpful links:, Normandy American Cemetery, Normandy Memorial, Omaha Beach Memorial.

Treasures of France features our Seine River Cruise, sailing roundtrip from Paris, combined with our French Waterways cruise on the Saône and Rhône rivers. Join us for this extended European river cruise featuring all the richly satisfying culture, cuisine, and joie de vivre of France at an unbeatable value!

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