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Grand Scandinavian Capitals & The Fjords of Norway

Denmark • Finland • Norway • Russia • Sweden

Aboard  ms Nordkapp  or  ms Nordlys  or  ms Nordnorge  or  ms Polarlys

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The countries of Scandinavia blossom during the summer months, with sunlight shining more hours a day the closer you get to the North Pole. Landscapes burst with vivid colors as trees and flowers bloom, and cityscapes teem with activity. You'll be amazed by the striking contrast as you venture from the clean, forested city of Oslo to the northernmost point of Norway, where you'll begin your southbound coastal Norway cruise on a Hurtigruten ship. Sail up staggering Norwegian fjords and visit unspoiled fishing villages on your way to a flourishing, energetic Bergen. To further your immersion in Scandinavian culture, we head to cities known for mixing history with contemporary design and technology: Stockholm, Sweden, a regal capital spread over pristine islands, and the austere, yet elegant and hip capital of Finland, Helsinki.

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