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Earn FREE Travel and CASH

Become a Group Leader for Your Affinity Group …

Travel with Them for FREE and Earn CASH

Do you belong to an alumni association, fraternal organization, or local philanthropic group? Do you occasionally gather with others to share special interests—gardening, golf, or crafting? Does your passion for learning find an outlet as a museum member, or as a school volunteer? If so, you already know how gratifying it is to spend time with others who share your affinity. So why not share your love of travel with these very same folks as the leader of a special Vantage group tour?

As a Group Travel Leader for your affinity group, you'll not only enjoy a unique and enriching experience; you'll be rewarded with FREE travel, CASH, and more through our Group Leader Program Once your group tour begins, your Tour Director or Cruise Director will handle all the logistics and guide you on the trip of a lifetime, so all you need to do is enjoy the group tour experience with everyone else.

Past Travelers Save More with Their 5% Travel Reward

If any of your potential travelers have traveled with Vantage before, then recruiting them for your trip is even easier! They can also apply their 5% Travel Reward from their previous trip to your group's tour.

Here are a few more ways we support you as Group Travel Leader and make your job seamless:

  • Group Portal — Our innovative online tool helps you recruit travelers with ease and keeps all the details about your group members at your fingertips. It’s the simplest and most convenient way to grow your group!
  • Customized Communications — From our Group Portal, you can create brochures and emails to send to potential group members. You can even tailor them with your own group tour logos.
  • Custom Group Website — CCreate your own group's webpage inside our Group Portal and send all your potential travelers there for more information about your upcoming group tour.
  • Your Own Dedicated Team — A Vantage Account Representative and Customer Support agent will ensure that all the details run smoothly, and that the needs of all your fellow travelers are addressed.
  • Easy, Direct Reservations Group tour members can fill out a simple reservation form or call us directly toll-free, without involving you in the process at all.
  • Private Presentations — Your Vantage Account Representative will come to the location of your choice – a local hall, your club’s meeting space, or even a private home—to help generate interest. They’ll bring plenty of materials, perhaps a video, and make sure your gathering is successful – and fun!
  • Webinars — If a travel leader's group members don't live locally or it's inconvenient to host a meeting, we'll broadcast a webinar so they can learn about the trip at their leisure
  • Exclusive Departures — Your group can have an exclusive travel experience (and even charter your own ship) with as few as 18 group tour members, depending on the type of Vantage Journey you choose.