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Charter a 5-Star Vantage River Ship

Charter a 5-Star Vantage River Ship – at the Best Value Around

Vantage Leads the Way in Comprehensive River Ship Charters for Your Group Tour Needs

For the most unforgettable group travel tour experience, Vantage can custom-design river cruises for organizations and a mega-yacht itineraries for private groups of all sizes and interests. A cruise created exclusively for your group tour provides a rare opportunity for colleagues to share a unique group vacation in a relaxed environment. The result can be stronger relationships, increased loyalty, and improved morale..

We've worked with corporate sales teams, church groups, alumni organizations, and professional organizations to enhance their group travel tours with the ultimate in river cruising: a private ship charter!

Why choose Vantage?

Vantage Deluxe World Travel is the leads the field with 5-star group travel tours at unbeatable values. We invite your group tour to cruise our own acclaimed fleet of deluxe river ships, among the best in Europe. Vantage takes care of all your day-to-day details, from guided sightseeing and exclusive events to baggage handling. There's even an onboard Concierge to handle your special requests. In fact, nearly every expense and service of your group vacation is included in one upfront price.

Vantage's chartered river cruises offer you the comfort and the "unpack-once" convenience of a traditional cruise, but in a friendlier, warmer, and lower-key atmosphere. The smaller size of these vessels also means we can plan itineraries to locales off-limits to larger vessels: into hidden harbors, down rivers like the Danube and the Moselle, and to tiny river towns full of history and charm.

Join us on one of our deluxe Vantage river ships:
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