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Meet the Affinity Groups Sales Team

Ethan Jule

I am delighted to have joined Vantage a year ago after 20 years managing and leading sales teams. I have a motivational management style with a record of building and retaining highly trained sales teams. While I am new to the industry, travel is a passion. I have been to Hawaii, Mexico (8 times), Singapore, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Barbados, Belgium, Spain, Canada and all over the continental US. The best part of my job at Vantage is meeting and working with group leaders and our agents to identify the best possible trip options. While on the Inaugural Sailing of the ms River Splendor I was able to meet 25 Group Leaders face to face and learn about how they operate and what we can do to serve them better. I am proud to have married my High School sweetheart and be the father of two teenagers. I am a Certified Soccer coach, soccer referee and enjoy all types of music.

Cheryl Sheehan

Seeing the world and experiencing different cultures has always been a passion of mine. My first experience traveling was to London as a Girl Scout when I was 12. Several trips to Florida with my high school marching band shortly followed. After receiving my Bachelor of Music degree from Berklee College, I stumbled into the world of travel as a travel agent. My 19 years in the industry have put me in roles in all aspects of the travel field, including customer service, marketing, sales and management. My favorite pastime is talking travel. I enjoy listening to other’s vacation stories and love to envision their experience. When I am not singing in church or my local choral society I enjoy traveling around the world. My favorite destinations include Holland, Israel, Portugal, Italy and Hawaii. I look forward to sharing my love for travel along to your group.

Patrick Dempsey

My number one goal is to make a difference in our clients travel experience with Vantage Deluxe World Travel! For the past 9 years I have been working at Vantage to assist our clients in meeting their travel needs! I have been lucky enough to have traveled to such destinations as France, Hawaii, Ireland, the Caribbean, Mexico and many US destinations! My favorite part of my job is when I get hear what an amazing time our travelers have due to the outstanding service provided by our program managers! When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my family and playing sports!

Fran Levoy

A 30-year veteran of the travel industry, I became a member of the Group Sales Department 8 years ago. I assist Group Leaders to make sure that they have everything they need to have a successful and memorable journey for all of their group members. Once they return I love to listen to the wonderful experiences that they had on their trip. My own travel includes trips to Australia, New Zealand, Croatia, Greece, Eastern Europe, the Caribbean, Tahiti, Egypt, Portugal and France. This gives me more inspiration and knowledge to pass along to our group leaders. When not on the job, I enjoy working out, skiing, and spending time with family and friends.