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Diplomat Club Referral Program

Refer Friends. Earn Rewards. Travel for Free.

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Have Questions?

Call us at: 1-888-734-0187

Have Questions?

Call us at: 1-888-734-0187

Here's how our referral program works:

YOU refer new travelers to Vantage in the spaces below.

YOUR REFERRALS provide your name and customer number when they reserve their first trip.


YOU become a Vantage Diplomat and earn rewards for each new traveler you refer. Your rewards range from $100 to a FREE TRIP.

YOUR REFERRALS save $100 on the cost of their first Vantage journey.

The more travelers you refer, the greater the rewards—no matter if you travel or not! When you refer 8 new travelers who depart in the span of two calendar years, you'll earn a FREE TRIP. New travelers can reserve their own trip or join you on a trip. Either way, Diplomat Club referral program rewards apply. See how it pays to refer a friend:

Number of travelers you refer Diplomat Club Rewards you earn per traveler* Total Reward Value
7 $200 $1,200
6 $200 $1,000
5 $200 $800
4 $200 $600
3 $200 $400
2 $100 $200
1 $100 $100

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Terms & Conditions

Please note the following referral restrictions: Anyone you refer must be new to the Vantage mailing list, a first-time referred traveler, and cannot be a member of any affiliate group that arranges travel through Vantage. Credit for a referral will be paid only once for the new traveler and will be paid to the first person who referred the new traveler. Referral cash rewards are earned 10 days after your referral reserves their first Vantage trip. To be eligible for rewards under this program, your referrals must book in and travel with in two calendar years, for example, 2014 and 2015.