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Preserve your travel investment — and your peace
of mind — with Vantage’s 100% Travel Protection Plan.

ALERT: Customers with pre-existing health conditions. Click here to read more.

Are you covered?

  • Unforeseen Events or
    Family Emergency

  • Unexpected
    Health Issue

  • Delayed or
    Cancelled Flights

  • Lost or
    Misdirected Luggage


Cancel your Vantage journey for any reason up to the day of departure and retain the full value of your travel "investment".

We do everything we can, to ensure you have a safe and memorable vacation. This includes offering one of the industry's Best in Class Travel Protection Programs to protect you from the things we can't control. To protect your travel investment, give yourself peace of mind and purchase your Travel Protection Plan at time of booking.

Watch this video to learn more about 100% Travel Protection, and how you can protect your investment.
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"After suffering years of heart problems, My husband had an unexpected heart attack 2-weeks before we traveled to Amsterdam, last year. Because we purchased Vantage’s Travel Protection Plan at time of booking, we received our full $10,000 back within days."

Reduce your risk and purchase the Vantage Travel Protection plan today.

Now you can travel in confidence, knowing you are taken care of. Click here to learn more of the Vantage Travel Protection Plan, and how you can preserve your travel investment.

For More Information

Have you recently sought medical care or treatment for new symptoms? Had any changes in medications? Our valued Customers always ask us about pre-existing medical coverage.

A pre-existing condition is any injury, illness, disease or other medical condition that occurs prior to the travel plan’s effective date and for which you had symptoms and sought diagnosis, medical treatment, and/or new prescription medications or a change in your current prescription.

The Vantage Deluxe World Travel 100% Travel Protection Plan is one of the most comprehensive plans in the travel industry. Purchase Vantage's 100% Travel Protection within 14 days of booking your Vantage Memorable Journey and you'll be waived from the plan’s pre-existing conditions exclusion. Your best option is to purchase the Travel Protection Plan at the same time you reserve your trip — that way you know you're covered.

100% Travel Protection Plan

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  • Unforseen Events or Family Emergency
  • Unexpected Health Issue
  • Delayed or Cancelled Flights
  • Lost or Misdirected Luggage

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