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Experience the Ease of Shipboard Life

Simply settle in aboard your intimate “floating hotel” and watch history slip past in an ever-changing dance of castles and cathedrals, cities and villages, vineyards and gorges. You’ll unpack just once, and arrive at each destination refreshed and ready to explore.

With no more than 176 guests aboard, disembarking is a breeze – and once onshore, you’ll often find yourself right in the center of town, just a stroll away from major sites. One of the best advantages of river cruising is that “getting there” is actually fun!

Vantage is proud to present its most extensive collection ever of river and small ship cruises, featuring our very own deluxe 4- and 5-star river ships and other ships owned by some of the world’s most respected ship operators. You won’t find casinos or glitzy reviews onboard, but you will get a rich sense of the culture of your destinations as we invite onto our ships local musicians and singers, folk dancers, lecturers, craftsmen, and artists.

Cruise the World Aboard Our Deluxe and Charter Fleets

Because smaller vessels go where big ocean cruise ships cannot, they offer an intimate, up-close itinerary, docking at smaller cities and towns, visiting hidden harbors, wending among islands, and bringing you closer to nature. From France to the Netherlands … India to Burma ... the Galapagos and Patagonia to Antarctica, we've carefully selected the best vessels in their class to provide you with a fun, relaxing shipboard experience.

A deluxe cruise on a Vantage-owned European river ship … white-glove service through Indochina aboard a colonial steamer … a breathtaking Mediterranean cruise on an intimate yacht ... an idyll along India's lower Ganges in a finely appointed river boat. You can even sail to the farthest reaches of the world, Antarctica!

Join us in one of the regions of the world listed on the right menu, and you’ll soon see why so many travelers are celebrating this rewarding style of travel.

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European River Ships

Your Exclusive Vantage-Owned Deluxe River Ship

Join us along the Rhône, Saône, Rhine, Danube, Main, and Moselle rivers and enjoy the most luxurious and friendly way to travel Europe – aboard one of our very own Deluxe river ships, the ms River Venture, ms River Splendor, ms River Navigator, ms Discovery II, NEW for 2015 ms River Voyager, and NEW for 2016 ms Explorer II Designed to meet Vantage's specifications, our four American-style ships provide North American travelers with all the comforts of home, bring Deluxe hotel standards and gourmet dining to the rivers of Europe, and make your river cruise a unique Vantage vacation experience.

Further enhancing the Vantage-owned fleet are exclusively-chartered river vessels in Europe, such as the ms Douro Spirit on the Douro River, the ms Tolstoy on the Volga and Neva rivers, and the ms Fredric Chopin on our new Berlin, Dresden, and Prague voyage along the Elbe River.

To read more about Vantage's very own deluxe river ships, select a vessel below.

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The Mediterranean

Cruise in Comfort Aboard an Exclusively Chartered Small Ship

Join Vantage as we cruise to the most coveted ports in the Mediterranean, Adriatic, and Aegean seas, as well as the stunning Italian Riviera. Enjoy an unforgettable cruising experience aboard one of our exclusively chartered small ships, which provide an intimate, personalized experience complete with at-your-elbow service, impeccable accommodations, and fine amenities. These small, nimble vessels take you where larger ships simply cannot go, navigating hidden coves and small bays. What's more, you’ll dock overnight in most ports, giving you the opportunity to enjoy full-day visits to these spectacular destinations. It's the next best thing to cruising aboard your own private yacht! 

We’ve selected these top-notch ships to help you discover this historic region:

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Asia & South Pacific

Sail into Exotic Lands on the Best Ships in the Region

Asia’s dynasties shaped continents, and its rivers supported commerce and trade from the southern deltas to the northern reaches of the Tibetan Plateau. These are the rivers of ancient fables – Burma’s seldom-seen Irrawaddy, Vietnam and Cambodia’s legendary Mekong, China’s mighty Yangtze. And there’s no better to way to unravel their exotic mysteries than aboard an intimate small ship.

Far from Asia’s shores, a rich and sensual canvas of soft sands and palm-fringed beaches lured Paul Gauguin. They’re sure to lure you, too … as will our luxury chartered small ship named for the artist.

We’ve chartered and enlisted these well-appointed ships to help you uncover the mysteries and beauty of Asia and the South Pacific:
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Americas & Antarctica

Explore Breathtaking Natural Wonders Up Close

A wondrous tableau of natural beauty hugs South America’s waters. Darwin’s living laboratory in the Galápagos harbors creatures unlike any you’ve seen. Soaring Patagonian peaks tower over breathtaking lakes and inlets. And the “Rich Coast” of Costa Rica reveals its natural splendors. Or cruise to the last frontier, Antarctica – a mesmerizing landscape of gleaming white shores, blue-tinged icebergs, and lively penguin colonies.

All our small ships on these journeys are equipped with stable ship tenders so we can easily go onshore for closer exploration. And onboard experienced naturalists and Program Managers unravel the mysteries of these magical destinations.

We’ve selected these small ships to help you explore up close:
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Private Yacht Charter

There’s no other vacation that compares with the freedom and luxury of chartering your own private yacht. Just think about it: visit the ports of your choice, make your days as relaxed or as active as you please, and go for as long or as short as you like. Let Vantage’s private crewed yacht experts help you design your own dream vacation on the water. Our yacht charters are perfect for family reunions, getaways with friends, company retreats, or whatever you like.

We’ve selected this top-notch ship to help you explore:

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