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The best memento from your trip has a story to tell. Be sure your purchases are unique, locally made and long lasting. And Vantage's local trip partners will steer you in the right direction. Here's how:

  • All Shops are hand picked by Vantage experts, ensuring you a quality experience
  • we negotiate Vantage-only discounts and special customer service assistance on your behalf
  • Ease of Shopping with English-Speaking merchants so nothing gets lost in translation
  • We give preference to merchants who make it easy for you to ship and receive items back home

Vantage has every confidence in the merchants we select for our Preferred Shopping Partners program. Our shops guarantee your satisfaction with any item you purchase. -- and in the very unlikely event that you have a problem with a purchase, we'll stand by that guarantee and assist you in resolving the issue.

As a tour company, it is our goal to ensure our team delivers the best buys in the best shops delivering safe and secure purchases. So come prepared with your color swatches and with carpet and clothing sizes converted to local measurements -- and your mementos will be telling their stories for years to come.

Tanzanite Experience stonesTanzanite Experience

The Tanzanite Experience showcases the history of tanzanite through a series of visual and interactive exhibitions, while affording visitors the unique opportunity to purchase tanzanite directly from the world’s only known source. Discover the history, mystery and rarity of tanzanite as you visit the Legend Room, and indulge in tanzanite’s rich and colorful stories, from mining, processing, and sorting to cutting and polishing. See firsthand how each tanzanite facet is cut to perfection in the in-house lapidary to ensure maximum brilliance and beauty, and understand fully how tanzanite is graded at the Tanzanite Laboratory adjacent to the store, which is endorsed by the non-profit industry organization the Tanzanite Foundation.

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