Savor food for thought on our Culinary departures

Essential Holland: Tulips in Spring

Send your taste buds on a journey as you sample regional delicacies from a variety of local restaurants on Essential Holland: Tulips in Spring. In addition to exploring the culinary delights of several cities, you’ll also get an inside look at one of Holland’s delicious specialties: a chocolate-making demonstration!

Majestic Rivers of Europe: Castles, Cathedrals & Fairytales

Get a sense of the culinary heritage of four countries in the heart of Europe. In addition to savoring delectable regional specialties at mealtime, you’ll enjoy wine tastings, lectures, and even an apple strudel-making demonstration onboard.

Ireland: A Deluxe Journey to the Emerald Isle

Sample some of the signature tastes of the Emerald Isle – and learn what makes them so distinctive – on this journey. In addition to dining on traditional Irish delicacies, you’ll enjoy a scone-making demonstration, take a tour of the Old Jameson Distillery with a complimentary glass of its famous whiskey, and more.

Grand European Sojourn

Prepare your palate for a journey through a region of Europe with rich culinary diversity. In addition to rubbing elbows with locals over a delightful lunch and sampling local beverages during a visit to a wine cellar, you’ll enjoy coffee and cake at a famous Budapest cafe and an apple strudel-making demonstration onboard.

Passage to Eastern Europe

The meals you’ll have on Passage to Eastern Europe are crafted to reflect the culinary traditions of the region. In addition to enjoying a number of delectable specialties onboard, you’ll enjoy a home-hosted meal with a Croatian family in their home. You’ll get a chance to sample local home cooking and learn about the family’s perspective on Croatian independence and how it has affected the people there.

The Douro: Portugal's River of Gold & Spain

Let your taste buds guide you through one of Europe’s most beautiful river valleys as you journey on The Douro: Portugal’s River of Gold & Spain. You’ll savor delicious regional specialties during mealtime, and enjoy tea and pastry tastings, partake in samplings at local wineries, and even experience a codfish cake-making demonstration onboard.

Hidden Gems of the British Isles & Ireland

You’ll get a chance to not only sample some of the local fare here in the British Isles, but enjoy it in a distinctive atmosphere. Soak in the warmth of Welsh culture during a hearty pub lunch. Listen to a storytelling session during a delightful picnic in the Hebrides Islands, and sample fine whiskies in both Scotland and Ireland. The culinary character of England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland comes to life on this journey.

Coastal Treasures of Spain, Portugal & France

Embark on a culinary exploration of three different countries on this journey. You’ll sample local delicacies – such as the traditional pasteis de Belem pastries in Portugal – and enjoy meals in distinctive settings, like at a flamenco show in Seville. You’ll also learn about this region’s relationship to its food during tours and insightful lectures, such as the one on seaweed gathering in France.

Croatia & Pearls of the Adriatic Coast

Adriatic food and wine celebrates the best of Italy, Greece, and other Mediterranean countries. Your taste buds will do the exploring as you enjoy a festive lunch at a family estate, taste oysters fresh from Ston Harbor, share a home-hosted dinner with a Dubrovnik family, and partake of a fascinating discussion on local foods.

Myanmar Explorer: Burma & The Irrawaddy River

In addition to savoring delectable meals throughout your adventure — both onboard your ship and in specially chosen locations throughout the country — you’ll get a chance to visit a local market in Thayetmyo, which once guarded the border between Royal Myanmar and British Myanmar. You’ll also enjoy a cooking demonstration aboard ship during your cruise.

Mysteries Of Angkor Wat & The Mekong River

Learn about local cuisine during an onboard cooking demonstration. Savor a vegetarian lunch at a local monastery.

Exotic India & The Sacred Ganges

Savor the legendary flavors of India as you enjoy lunch at the Maharaja’s City Palace in Jaipur as well as during meals throughout your adventure. You’ll also learn how to prepare a traditional meal yourself at an Indian cooking demonstration on your river cruise.

Across Patagonia: Chile’s Lakes, Mountains & Wildlife

Get a “taste” for the unique Patagonian region as you sample a variety of delicious regional delicacies, including a traditional seafood stew lunch at a local cocineria. You’ll also experience the flavors of curanto during a home-hosted meal for a closer (and more delectable) look at local life.

South America Adventure: Chile, Argentina & Uruguay

Let your taste buds guide you through South America as you journey on South America Adventure: Chile, Argentina & Uruguay. You’ll savor delicious regional specialties during mealtimes, enjoy an authentic gaucho (cowboy) barbecue, partake in samplings at local wineries, and even experience authentic home cooking in Chile.

Highlights of China & The Yangtze

Enjoy a special Peking Duck dinner in Beijing. Learn to make Chinese cuisine during a cooking demonstration. Visit local bars in the Xintiandi section of Shanghai with your Program Director.

Imperial China, Mysterious Tibet & the Yangtze River

Immerse yourself in local life by enjoying tea at a Chengdu tea house. Savor the flavors of a traditional Sichuan Dim Sum lunch. Enjoy tea with a local family in Lhasa. Enjoy a lunch of artfully shaped Chinese dumplings called jiaozi.

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