Enjoy your trip on a high note with a music departure

Essential Holland: Tulips in Spring

Delve into the rich heritage of Holland as you experience a series of lively musical performances on board. These engaging presentations aim to give depth to the cultural connections you create during your travels (and of course, entertain!).

Majestic Rivers of Europe: Castles, Cathedrals & Fairytales

The best way to discover the strings that tie a culture together is to listen to its beloved songs. These special departures of our popular Grand European Tour river cruise will have you humming a lively tune long after you’ve returned home. The region’s musical heritage takes center stage during special lectures, venue tours, and performances — in addition to the concerts already included in the base tour. Space is limited — reserve today!

Ireland: A Deluxe Journey to the Emerald Isle

For centuries, the Irish have drawn comfort and joy from musical expression. We’ll get to know some of the fabled music of Ireland, whether it is merely listening to what’s playing at the local pub or enjoying an exclusive harp and Uilleann pipes recital. The soundtrack of this journey will enhance your experience in the Emerald Isle.

Grand European Sojourn

This enchanting journey immerses you in Europe’s rich musical heritage. In addition to learning about the region’s classical virtuosos and the importance of music throughout history, you’ll enjoy special performances including a pipe organ recital, a dance exhibition put on by Bulgarian children, and an exclusive classical concert at Vienna’s renowned Kursalon Music Hall.

Passage to Eastern Europe

The soaring music of Europe has been inspiring people around the world for centuries. On Passage to Eastern Europe, you’ll not only learn about the history and cultural impact of the region’s music, you’ll experience it firsthand. Listen to an organ concert in Kalocsa, enjoy a special performance by an Orthodox choir in Ruse, experience folk music and dancing onboard your deluxe ship, and perhaps even listen to local guitarists perform for you in Vukovar.

America’s Treasures: The U.S. National Parks

What better way to celebrate our country’s history than through the majesty of music? Get an even more in-depth look at the rich culture of America as you experience a moving performance by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, a group that has been celebrated for almost two hundred years.

Northern Aegean Treasures: Highlights of the Greek Isles

Let the music of the region engage you on this journey that will awaken all your senses. Learn rousing folk dances from local musicians and dancers. Tap your feet to traditional music groups that come aboard ship.

Southern Aegean Voyage. Athens, Crete & Rhodes

Let the music of the region engage you on this journey that will awaken all your senses. Learn about traditional Greek music and tap your feet and clap your hands as traditional music groups come aboard ship to play for you.

Coastal Treasures of Spain, Portugal & France

You’ll be assured of a superb soundtrack on this journey. The remarkable variety of musical styles will impress, from Portugal’s folk music to the songs played in an English pub. In addition to enjoying onboard performances, you’ll get up close to the music in places like Spain, where you’ll enjoy a thrilling flamenco show.

Croatia & Pearls of the Adriatic Coast

Music in all its forms is deeply intertwined with Croatian culture, as you’ll discover while on your cruisetour. For example, you’ll be thrilled by a private classical concert in a stone church in Dubrovnik. Hear the unique sounds of UNESCO-recognized Klapa singing. And enjoy lively music and dance at a family estate.

South America Adventure: Chile, Argentina & Uruguay

Part of what makes South America’s culture so vibrant is its rich musical heritage. On South America Adventure: Chile, Argentina & Uruguay, you’ll become inspired by the groove of Brazilian samba, enjoy a sultry tango music performance, and even get a chance to work on your own dance moves at a private tango lesson.

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