Are You New to River Cruising?

Relaxing. Convenient. Unique. Intimate. These are just some of the words Vantage travelers have used to describe the experience of river cruising — a wonderful and increasingly popular alternative to other modes of travel. So if you haven’t tried river cruising for yourself, just take our travelers’ word for it…

Couple aboard our Hurtigruten Ship

Relax Aboard a Deluxe River Ship 

“There’s nothing more relaxing.” We hear this comment about our river cruises time and again — for good reason. After all, what could be nicer than plying the tranquil waters of a scenic European river aboard a vessel built with your personal comfort in mind? Begin and end each day in your well-appointed cabin or suite, a haven away from home. Savor sumptuous, five-star cuisine at every meal. Spend time with your travel companion, or simply enjoy a good book, as your ship glides lazily past stunning riverside scenery. And arrive at each new port-of-call — rested, relaxed, and ready to explore!

Pax aboard Nordkapp

Enjoy the Convenience of Cruising 

Ask any seasoned traveler, and they’ll agree that changing hotels is among their least favorite aspects of this beloved pastime. Which explains one of river cruising's main benefits: you’ll unpack just once! While you will visit many ports and up to five countries on a single cruise, there is no unpacking, re-packing, carrying luggage, or transferring required. It’s that simple.

But the convenience doesn’t end there. Unlike large ocean cruise ships, river ships can sail into the very heart of a destination — offering easy, convenient access to the places you came so far to see. In fact, once your “floating hotel” docks along its waterborne route, your next discovery is usually just steps away.

Couple aboard ship Gain a Unique Vantage Point

“Where else can you lie in bed and watch a castle float by?” Newcomers to river cruising are often surprised by how much it differs from other forms of travel. That’s because, unlike airline, train, and bus travel, cruising by river is more than a means to an end: it’s an experience in itself. As you sail, the world comes to you in an ever-changing panorama just outside your window or over the rails of your ship’s deck. And it’s those views from the river — the world’s “ancient highways” — that give you a perspective like no other.

Pax toasting with Captains Don’t Get Lost in the Crowd

Get to know someone new in one of your ship’s welcoming common areas. Meet up with friends easily during leisure time ashore. Greet your favorite crew members by name. And always enjoy a short distance to your cabin. Thanks to the intimate (but never stuffy!) size of our Deluxe river ships, small pleasures like these are the norm — and you’ll never get lost in the crowd.