Diplomat Club Referral Program

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Refer 8 = Free Trip + $1,200

Number of Travelers Referred Rewards Earned for each new Traveler* Total Reward Value
8 Free Trip Free Trip*
7 $200 $1,200
6 $200 $1,000
5 $200 $800
4 $200 $600
3 $200 $400
2 $100 $200
1 $100 $100

*Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more about earning rewards and a free Vantage trip.

Ready to Refer & Earn: Refer Friends Now!

Refer Friends. Earn Cash. Travel for Free.

Earn cash and a FREE trip as a Vantage Diplomat.

  • Earn up to $200 each for the first seven new travelers you refer to Vantage.
  • Earn a FREE trip valued at up to $5,200 for the eighth new traveler you refer.
  • No limit! Continue to earn cash and free travel after your eighth referral.
  • New travelers instantly save $100 on the cost of their first trip.
It's easy: Refer new travelers to Vantage. New travelers provide your name and customer number when they book their first trip. Your cash rewards begin almost immediately, just 10 days after your referral books. You don't have to wait until your referral travels. New travelers may reserve their own trip or join you on yours. Either way, you earn rewards.

Diplomat Club Referral Program Terms & Conditions

Please note following conditions of Vantage’s referral program:
  • Anyone you refer must be new to the Vantage mailing list, a first-time referred traveler, and cannot be a member of an affiliate group that arranges travel through Vantage. Diplomat Club rewards do not apply to travelers booked under Vantage’s Group Travel or Friends & Family programs.
  • To earn a free trip for referring eight new travelers to Vantage, all eight of your friends must be referred and travel within two calendar years. For example, travelers referred anytime in 2014 must complete their travel by December 31, 2015. The free trip is valued at up to $5,200. Alternatively, you may use that amount as a credit toward a Vantage trip of a higher value.
  • Referral cash rewards are earned 10 days after your referral reserves his or her first Vantage trip. You’ll earn cash regardless of when friends are referred to us or when they travel.
  • There is no limit to the cash and free travel you can earn. Even after earning a free trip, you’ll continue to earn $200 for each new referred traveler. Note that for the eighth traveler, the free trip is the reward; there is no cash reward.

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