Meet Your Cruise Director—new videos!

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Vantage Travel Team April 21, 2017

Regardless of your destination, you can always count on Vantage to help you create lasting connections. Connections with the cultures you experience, with the locals you meet – we want every day to be more memorable than the last. And no one is better at creating these connections than our Vantage Cruise Directors. Each Vantage river cruise is led by a seasoned Cruise Director who’s job it is to see to your comfort and satisfaction. Think of him or her as your onboard “host”: the person to turn to with questions about your itinerary, updates on the day’s activities, reservations for optional tours, entertainment during your leisure time, and so much more. Meet a few of the Cruise Directors who bring some of our favorite destinations to life below.


Explore Holland with Erna With travel guide experience in countries around the world, Erna has the unique insight of someone who has lived in both Europe and America. These days, she’s back in her native Netherlands, introducing Vantage travelers not only to canals and windmills, but to the modern Dutch lifestyle and place in the world as well. Enter the technicolor world of springtime in Holland with Erna on Essential Holland: Tulips in Spring.  

Discover Portugal with Manuela Born on the beautiful island of Madeira, Portugal, Manuela has been an international tour guide since the age of 19. Although she’s been all over the world, there’s no place she loves to share with travelers more than her home country. Thrill in cruising along one of Europe’s most picturesque river valleys as you join Manuela on The Douro: Portugal’s River of Gold & Spain.

Cruise the Elbe with Martin From bustling cities to sleepy towns, Martin loves how river cruising opens the door to so much more than just admiring the scenic beauty that surrounds you. Involved in the river cruising business for almost a decade now, Martin’s favorite aspect about his job is that there’s “never a dull moment.” From culture to history to architecture, uncover the gems of this region with Martin on Elegant Elbe for an inside look at this heritage-filled region.