Forget Dasher and Dancer — experience reindeer in Norway!

Vantage Travel Team December 17, 2017

Tis the season for reindeer — but why stick to just what you can get on the cover of a holiday card when you could see the real thing on a departure of Nordic Splendor: A Coastal Adventure in Norway?

Copy Director Carley Thornell was lucky enough to sail on the ms Nordkapp last autumn and had plenty of opportunity to experience these magical creatures. Here she shares her top three ways travelers like you can experience the wonder of Scandinavia, too (no matter what the season!):

1. With several excursions included exclusively when you reserve with Vantage, you’ll have several opportunities to enjoy the countryside when you leave the ship at port. In summer and fall especially, you’ll be able to see herds of reindeer grazing, set against the backdrop of pristine landscapes and remote settings, like when you head out to peaceful fishing villages. Marvel at the fuzzy antlers of what can total roughly a population of 25,000 in wintertime in Norway.

2. Onboard, thanks to your Adventure Leader and Hurtigruten’s Expedition Leaders, you’ll learn more about Norway’s native cultures, including the fascinating indigenous Sámi people. Their colorful regalia is reflected in their flag, created in just 1986, though their history dates back to prehistoric times. Their lifestyle is inextricably linked to the migration of reindeer herds and the Sámi are often photographed with these beautiful beasts. Learn more about the Sámi during other optional tours — some are seasonal, including a winter nature reserve visit, or a summertime cultural tour with Sámi reindeer herders.

3. If trying hard-to-find culinary delicacies is part of your travel bucket list, then reindeer meat is a must-try. On board the Hurtigruten expedition vessels, you’ll enjoy not only recently renovated upper decks, but two beautiful dining rooms. One is a buffet style for breakfast and lunch, with three-course plated dinners. At each meal, enjoy locally sourced meat and produce and a neat menu that tells you a bit of a story about each destination and the people who create these culinary delights. Perhaps you’ll savor roast reindeer from Finnmark there, or delicious reindeer steak served in the ship’s other reservation-only à la carte restaurant (at a separate cost), with special separate menu items prepared differently from the main dining room for a more intimate experience.