Three cheers for the cocktails of the world

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Vantage Travel Team February 22, 2017

Considering the vast variety of Vantage vacations around the world, our journeys offer a wide breadth of opportunities to get a new taste of different cultures. Not only does this include delicious foods like sausages in Germany and macarons in France, but a little tipple to pair them with, too—like beer and champagne! Journeying with Vantage means you get to try signature cocktails in the destinations they originated in, providing authentic happy hours accompanied by mouth-watering delicacies. Plus, we’ve enhanced our river cruises by adding culinary demonstrations onto 2017 and 2018 itineraries, where you can create and sample with our five-star chefs; and also raise a glass after cocktail demonstrations on all of our cruises. Here’s what you can enjoy with us around the world:

  1. Cuba - Daiquiri There are countless variations on the daiquiri but the classic – as popularized by La Floridita and championed by Ernest Hemingway, who regularly visited that renowned bar in Old Havana – is made with white rum, Maraschino liqueur, sugar syrup, lime juice and crushed ice. Enjoy a daiquiri of your choice while on Vantage’s many journeys to Cuba, including Cuba: The People & Culture in 2017.
  1. Peru - Pisco Sour This South American classic also has many different variations, but it’s typically made with clear brandy, egg white, lime juice and Angostura bitters. Both Chile and Peru call this cocktail their own, so try one on our Amazon River Cruise: Peru’s Wildlife Wonders in 2017. This staple Peruvian drink can be ordered as a single, double or "Catedral" (Cathedral) size. New to Pisco Sours? Our advice is to start with a single; this cocktail’s pleasing flavor can be misleading as to its strength!
  1. France – Champagne When in France, do as the French do! The historical province of Champagne is located in northeast France, which is responsible for producing this luxurious sparkling wine from grapes grown in the Champagne-Ardennes region (fruit from Ardennes, Aube, Marne and the Haute-Marne). Sip a glass of bubbly on our Coastal Treasures of Spain, Portugal & France in 2017.
  1. Portugal Port Sip on Port wine in its birth region of the Douro Valley on Vantage’s journey The Douro: Portugal’s River of Gold & Spain – 2017. While there, take a city tour of Oporto, chief export city of Port wine, with an included Port wine cellar visit. Port is a dessert wine, but it comes in both sweet and dry varieties.
  1. Germany – Riesling Germany is often associated with beer, but Riesling is another drink that originates there. Riesling is a white-grape variety from the Rhine region of Germany, so take Vantage’s Rhine Culinary Discovery journey in 2017, and sample local German Rieslings in this unique setting!
  1. Brazil Caipirinha Experience Brazil’s national cocktail while on Vantage’s South America Adventure: Chile, Argentina & Uruguay 2017 journey. Sip on Brazil’s signature Caipirinha, made of cachaça, sugar and lime. Cachaça is Brazil’s most common alcohol, made of sugar cane.
  1. Greece Ouzo Try Greece’s Ouzo cocktail on Vantage’s Greece & the Southern Adriatic Coast journey in 2018. This aperitif is flavored with anise, rumored to be dated back to the 14th century when a group of monks created a beverage called tsipouro on Mount Athos. One version of tsipouro was flavored with licorice-like anise, which eventually turned into what’s now known as Ouzo.
  1. Scotland Scotch Scotch whisky is made in Scotland, with globally recognizable brands including Johnnie Walker, Chivas Regal, Dewar’s and J&B. After scotch whisky is aged in oak barrels for at least three years, enjoy slowly sipping a glass in Edinburgh on Vantage’s Hidden Gems of the British Isles & Ireland 2017 journey.
  1. England - Pimm’s Cup Pimm’s is the U.K.’s national drink, which dates back to 1823 when a son of a farmer from Kent, James Pimm, started an oyster bar in London and served it there. It’s often served with sliced fruit but comes in many variations today. Try a Pimm’s Cup on Vantage’s Hidden Gems of the British Isles & Ireland 2017 journey in the city this cocktail originated in for bragging rights back at home!
  1. Spain – Sangria Sangria is a cocktail recognized all over the world, but enjoying a glass (or a pitcher) in Spain is the most thrilling place to order one. Why? Because sangria is of Spanish origin, of course! While there are now many versions of sangria, it’s traditionally served as a red wine cocktail with chopped fruit in it. Raise a toast on our Coastal Treasures of Spain, Portugal & France trip in 2017!
  1. Belgium - Black Russian Although a Black Belgium is a staple cocktail in Belgium, the Russian part of its name pays homage to one of the liquors used to make it – vodka. A Black Russian consists of vodka and coffee liquor and dates back to 1949 when it’s said Belgian bartender Gustave Tops created it at the Hotel Metropole in Brussels for Perle Mesta, the U.S. ambassador to Luxembourg at the time. Try one—or a couple—on Essential Holland: Tulips in Spring.