Trips worth repeating, repeating for Groundhog Day

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Vantage Travel Team February 3, 2017

As another Groundhog Day comes to a close, Punxsutawney Phil's weather declaration often causes us to look back on the memories of years past. After all, a groundhog spotting his shadow has become whimsically synonymous with repeating experiences. But even if you've been fortunate enough to travel in the past, there are some destinations that seem fresh and exciting no matter how many times you visit. Here are our top 5 picks for destinations worth repeating.  


Easily one of Europe’s most enticing countries, Italy is a country is so diverse that every city feels like a whole new world. From the storied architecture of Rome to the fairytale-like vistas of Milan, Italy has a seemingly endless supply of treasures. So how to see them all? Focus on a travel passion, and let it guide you in deciding which spots to visit. Want to witness some of the world’s most famous work of art? Cities like Florence are sure to satisfy; you'll find rich museums, stunning architecture, and sculpture-dotted squares at every turn (and the gelato isn't half bad either!) Envision yourself in a picturesque setting? Perhaps the bewitching canals of Venice or the sparkling waters of Lake Cuomo are just what you need. No matter your interests, Italy is sure to deliver time and time again. Discover your travel passions in this incredible country on Magic of the Italian Lakes & the Swiss Alps  


Norway’s ever-changing backdrop of sea, sky, and coast ensures that beauty is not exclusive to just one season. With the arrival of spring, Norway turns into a mysterious mixture of snowcapped peaks and budding greenery. In summer, Norway’s mountains trade their snowy veils for green, and wide-open fields burst into bloom under the radiant midnight sun. Fall is the ideal time for nature lovers to visit Norway and glimpse the country’s dramatic seasonal transformation. Even though the midnight sun has finally set, there’s plenty of sunshine to keep temperatures at a pleasant level. Landscapes burst into fiery colors, migrating birds create patterns across the sky, and fresh air invigorates all who explore the great outdoors. Your greatest chance to see nature’s magnificent light show, the Aurora Borealis, comes in the winter. In addition to the dazzling green and violet hues of the Northern Lights, the light reflecting off snow-covered peaks and emanating from softly glowing fishing villages will leave you in awe. Each season also brings with it a new group of optional activities to further elevate your adventures here. While summer months can be spent hiking, kayaking, and biking along the regal landscapes, winter offers dog-sledding and snowmobiling. Watch these vistas come to life with each new season on Coastal Norway: The World’s Most Beautiful Voyage  


Simply put, this country is so large that it's almost impossible to feel like you've seen everything in one visit. Just as enjoyable as China’s storied culture and remarkable heritage is its warm and welcoming people. Whether you're experiencing the country's more familiar destinations, like walking the iconic Great Wall and wandering Tian’anmen Square in Beijing, or traveling off the beaten path to visit lively villages and wildlife reserves, there's plenty of ground to cover each time you visit. Want to get a feel for local life in this colorful country? Grab a bike and explore a city or village for yourself. Watch artisans in action, sample regional cuisine, wander through a museum, or just spend some time with the people that keep this vivid culture alive and flourishing. Uncover China’s cultural treasures and fascinating history for yourself on Imperial China, Mysterious Tibet & the Yangtze River  


With so much beauty in the world to witness, we sometimes forget that several of the world’s most astonishing national parks and incredible natural marvels are right here in the United States. (After all, this is where Punxsutawney Phil has all of his adventures!) America has an incredible array of natural treasures, from the geological phenomena of Arches National Park to the stunning waterways of Zion National Park. You can explore the soaring walls of the Grand Canyon, or tour the legendary beauty of Yellowstone. No matter which park you visit, you’ll enjoy rich colors found only in nature, heritage that spans several centuries, and the kind of natural majesty that lingers with you long after you leave. Delve into the natural beauty of these extraordinary parks on America’s Treasures: The U.S. National Parks  

African Safari

If you're an animal lover, Africa is sure to be on your travel bucket list. No matter how many times you explore Africa, the landscapes and wildlife are never the same! As the seasons change, so does wildlife migration (and therefore your safari experience). That’s why your best chance for viewing the “Big Five” – lion, African elephant, black rhino, leopard, and Cape buffalo—is to do as the animals do and cover as much ground as possible. From the legendary Serengeti to Kenya’s vast Masai Mara, Africa is rich with landscapes worth exploring (and the animals are just the beginning). There's also over a billion people who call this magnificent place home, eager to share the rich culture and traditions that make this continent a truly unique destination. Discover the incredible wildlife and culture of Africa for yourself with On Safari in Kenya & Tanzania: Up Close With the Big Five