Island timeā€¦

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Vantage Travel Team January 26, 2017

Winter is upon us and our thoughts naturally turn to … islands! Tropical islands, of course! But there are also volcanic islands, remote and romantic Scottish islands, and Down Under islands, as well as an emerald isle and a sceptered isle.   Cuba: The People & the Culture But getting back to tropical islands, just 90 miles off the coast of Florida is one of the best, Cuba! Join us there now for the Caribbean breezes, the rhumba beat, the faded glory of Spanish-colonial buildings, the street music, the warmth of the people, and the passion of the artists, dancers, and musicians.  

Want to visit other island nations? Here’s how with Vantage:

  Australia & New Zealand: An Adventure Down Under Visit two island nations, starting with New Zealand, where your route takes you to the heart of Maori culture on the North Island, then to the South Island, where the scenery is so magical that it was cast as Middle Earth in the Lord of the Rings movies. Then you’ll head for Australia, the oldest island on Earth, where you’ll explore under the white sails of the Sydney Opera House and go into the seas of the tropical north to explore the Great Barrier Reef.   Iceland: Fire, Sea & Ice From old island to new island: Iceland is still growing from the volcanic fires of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Discover the hardy culture of the good-humored folk who live in a land where geysers, boiling springs, and the occasional volcanic eruption compete with roaring waterfalls and rivers of ice to put on nature’s best show.   Ireland: A Deluxe Journey to the Emerald Isle This is an island with a gift for stories. Read them in the rolling contours of the land, in stones stacked and carved by ancient Celts, in the miraculous illustrations inked by Irish monks 12 centuries ago. And hear them in the lilting tongue of the residents today, as you discover the best of Ireland on a deluxe, small group travel experience.   Hidden Gems of the British Isles & Ireland The British Empire was born in England’s prowess as a sea-faring nation. Embark on your own journey by sea around Great Britain, stopping into local pubs and stone churches in England, Scotland, and Wales, and calling on island destinations, including the subtropic gardens of the Isles of Scilly and Scotland’s romantic Hebrides and Orkneys. You’ll discover the treasures of Ireland, too, when you call at Dublin.   Japan extension Discover the dazzling vibrancy of Tokyo by extending Imperial China, Mysterious Tibet & The Yangtze River and Highlights of China & the Yangtze