Shop 'til you drop with Vantage

Vantage Travel Team July 27, 2017

You’ll undoubtedly make memories on any Vantage trip. But how about something tangible you can bring home, or share with friends? Our shopping opportunities with trusted local vendors bring you the most authentic local crafts—many of which are handmade—at the best value. Just check out the Tours & Shopping links on all of our trip’s web pages, or read below!

Silky smooth shopping

On our Imperial China, Mysterious Tibet & the Yangtze River trip, we provide you with the perfect opportunities to find pearls and other gems at a wonderful shop. The Beijing Pearl Center is known for its high-quality salt and freshwater pearls, with a fine selection of jewelry for both men and women. Silk is another much sought-after product from China, and the place to see and learn about fine silk goods is the Shanghai Silk Museum. The museum has excellent exhibits designed to preserve the history and technology of silk production. In the museum shop, you’ll find high-quality silk clothing and other goods for sale, including handmade pajamas, rugs, and embroidery. You won’t find these personalized clothing items anywhere else.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

You’ve visited the jewels of Africa on the Best of Africa: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana & Namibia trip. Now you can see some jewels on our Cape Town extension. Vantage works with some of South Africa’s finest gemstone workshops, one such as Shimansky. You can visit and tour their workshop, and witness exceptional masterpieces being created right in front of you. Exhibits on the most famous South African diamonds ̶ the Hope Diamond, Taylor Burton, and the Star of Africa replicas – can all be found in the Shimansky museum. Along with the Shimansky shop and museum, you may visit Afrogem Jewelry, the oldest producer of hand-cut, tiger-eye gemstones in South Africa. Here you can tour their workshop and view one-of-a kind jewelry spotlighting a range of tanzanite, diamonds, and other precious stones.

Weave your own tale

During your visit to Peru, you’re sure to notice the many vividly colorful textiles. During your visit to Chinchero, an indigenous community located just outside the Sacred Valley, you’ll be able to get a firsthand look at ancestral techniques of loom weaving and see the entire process unfold right in front of you. Afterwards, you will have time to purchase a variety of blankets, garments, rugs, and other handcrafted goods. During your stay in Cusco, visit the Andean magic Art Jewelry, a family-owned company that offers free workshop tours. Vantage partners with these local businesses and others so you can have the opportunity to purchase crafts, artwork, and other souvenirs of the highest quality for a reasonable price, while supporting the community. You can visit these artisans on your trip to Legendary Machu Picchu & the Galapagos Islands, as well as on the Machu Picchu extension on South America Adventure: Chile, Argentina, & Uruguay and Amazon River Cruise: Peru’s Wildlife Wonders.

Salute ‘The Fonz’

In your South America Adventure you’ll have plenty to see, and these cities have much more to offer. While you’re in Buenos Aires, Argentina, you’ll visit one of the oldest and most history-rich neighborhoods, Recoleta, where you can take home a leather jacket from the store Uru Recoleta. Choose from more than 200 styles and over 30 colors and types of leather. If you can’t buy off-the-rack, they can custom-make your jacket to your measurements, and if you’re in a rush, it’ll take as little as five hours!

‘Timeless’ treasures

Everyone with a desire to travel to India knows the culture goes back thousands of years, and when you travel on the Timeless India: A Magical Adventure, you will see and visit many of this country’s fascinating highlights. Cottage Industries Art Gallery gives you the chance to leave with the most colorful pashminas and hand-woven rugs. The designs of the pashminas represent the Kashmiri way of living. These pashminas have been famous for centuries for their high quality, and even Emperor Jamawar Akbar presented the gift of Kashmir to the Queen of England!

Mineral-rich, memento-worthy

The best memento one can have has a story behind it, and while you are on the one-of-a kind Australia & New Zealand: An Adventure Down Under trip, be sure to visit Altmann & Cherney where you can purchase opal gemstones. Australia mines more than 90% of the world’s supply of opals, and you will not find two stones that are the same. Learn how these minerals are found, mined, and how much value each has. When you visit Sydney, you’ll visit the royal botanic gardens, but you also have to see the world-famous black opal known as the “Aurora Australis,” which weighs 180 carats and is valued at one million Australian dollars. This is one exceptional store, and its artifacts and jewels are ones you can’t discover anywhere else.