Celebrate 20 years with ... Asia?One Couple’s Unforgettable Anniversary Trip to China

Vantage Travel Team June 21, 2017

Passengers with their Chinese tour director, YanRic Faust and Doyle Tobin were about to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. When Ric was researching the gift that goes with two decades of marriage, he discovered to his surprise that it was china. The porcelain, not the country. But the idea was already in his head. He came home to Doyle and asked: How do you feel about going to Asia? And so the couple embarked on an anniversary trip they won’t soon forget: Highlights of China & the Yangtze with Vantage. It was absolutely amazing,” said Ric. “Everything from our Adventure Leader, Yan Zhang, to the food and locations was just spot on.” Visiting a Chinese schoolSo what was his favorite part? Meeting the local people. “It was great to see all the historical aspects like the Great Wall and the Terra-Cotta Warriors, but the Cultural Connections were the best part. Meeting people at their houses, having lunch with them, hearing what it was like to live through the Cultural Revolution, it just made the whole trip gel.” Doyle agreed, and pointed out that he initially was hesitant to go. “I’d never been a big fan of tour groups. But on this trip, we had time to really explore, wherever we went. There was no rush. The hotels were high-quality all along the way, and in talking to some people who were traveling with other tour companies, it seemed that Vantage definitely had nicer boats and a more enriching experience.” Anniversary gift from Vantage“The couple traveled in a group of just 17, so they were able to get to know their fellow adventures well over the course of the trip. “We’ll probably remain in touch with some of the friends we met on the trip. I have a great photo of the whole group on the spiral staircase.” Doyle added: “We had a really good group of people. As a group, we all were there for each other. “ The glue that kept it all together, however, was their Adventure Leader, Yan. “I can not speak more highly of Yan,” Ric said. Things went like clockwork, but when they didn’t, she always had a contingency plan. She always knew what to do, and she was very good at reading the room. Plus, she showed us how to do Tai Chi!” Ric Faust and Doyle Tobin in a panda sanctuary“As avid travelers, there are plenty of places Ric and Doyle would like to travel – including potential trips on the Douro River and the Silk Road. Yet both came away saying that they’d like to see China again. Who knows – maybe even on a future anniversary. "Generally we don’t do big celebrations,” said Doyle. “But this is the best trip we’ve ever been on. It really was incredible.”