A Safari for Every Season

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Vantage Travel Team May 4, 2017

When you go to Africa depends on what you’re looking for

Visiting Africa is an unforgettable experience at any time of year – the breathtaking vistas, the mesmerizing creatures, the irrepressible wildness of this continent amazes no matter when your safari lands on the calendar. If you’re traveling to this captivating continent, though, the question remains: What can you expect at different times of year? In South Africa, which you can experience on our Best of Africa adventure, the dry season is between May and October, which makes for more visible wildlife. For one, arid conditions can bring parched animals to the waterholes, making it easier to know where they’ll be. Plus, vegetation is generally sparse, which allows for easier spotting. Summer is from December through March (remember, seasons are reversed here in the Southern Hemisphere) and is considered the wet season. Many in-the-know safari-goers prefer this time of year. For one, the landscapes are brilliantly verdant. The birding at this time of year is particularly spectacular, and it’s also when many species give birth and rear their young. This “circle of life” time of the year also can make predators particularly active. When considering our On Safari in Kenya & Tanzania adventure, your choice of season depends on what you’re looking to experience. Between January and March, the climate in Kenya is generally mild and game viewing is easier. Yet when you’re in the Masai Mara, you’ll likely find that the best chance to see the swollen herds of the Great Migration is between mid-August and October. That same migration finds its way to the Serengeti in Tanzania from November through the winter months, so you’ll have an opportunity to see this phenomenon in a different place during this time period. The June through October time frame is generally considered best for game-viewing in general. Keep in mind: The times when you’ll see the most wildlife will be popular with other travelers — and thus will often be the best times to see crowds as well. In the end, it comes down to what you prefer. Don’t want to choose between these equally enchanting regions of the continent? You’ll be happy to know that we’re about to launch our Highlights of East & Southern Africa adventure — a combination of our safari trips that offers the best of both of these riveting regions. This will be a truly epic adventure that is not to be missed. Please visit our website frequently to see exciting updates about this trip and others! Of course, no matter when you go, but there is no mistaking the magic of Africa. Give us a call — we’d be delighted to talk through the options with you!