Spring It On: Bucket List Destinations Perfect for Springtime

Vantage Travel Team November 5, 2017

We may have turned the clocks back this weekend, but now is the perfect time of year to look forward to spring travel. We’ve rounded up five of our favorite destinations and why springtime is the perfect season to visit each of them in.

There’s a reason this springtime cruise is a traveler favorite year after year. One certain highlight of this trip is the day spent wandering the grandest of Dutch gardens: Keukenhof Gardens — the world’s largest flower fields and the heart of Dutch flower production. More than seven million tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths fill these magnificent grounds with color and fragrance, and you’ll get to explore them at length.

Don’t get us wrong —  Norway is beautiful year-round. Before summer’s beginning, however, Norway turns into a mysterious mixture of snowcapped peaks and budding greenery before your very eyes. On April and May departures, you’ll see animals, refreshed as they awaken from their wintry slumbers — plus, you’ll meet Norwegian people embracing the warmth and daylight at every port you visit.

Springtime in Africa signals the start of the Great Migration, one of the oldest and grandest migration patterns on the planet. During the Great Migration, nearly two million wildebeests and zebras travel by herd across the plains of Tanzania and Kenya, ensuring you see plenty of incredible wildlife up close.

There are particular times when India truly comes alive, and the festival of Holi is one of those special moments for locals and travelers alike. Known as the Festival of Colors, Holi marks the beginning of spring. From major cities to small villages, the streets of India are brimming with vibrant color as people douse each other with powders in a rainbow of hues.

Much like in India, the end of winter signals an awakening in both Asia’s nature and culture. You’ll find that this time of year is ripe with festivals and New Year celebrations throughout the continent, so it’s the perfect time to experience local culture in full swing. Spring also tends to be the time of year with Asia’s most consistent weather, so in addition to enjoying lovely weather, you can expect a little extra natural beauty decorating each new destination.