Don’t miss out on our new Around the World adventure!

Vantage Travel Team November 18, 2017

We at Vantage pride ourselves on creating the trip of a lifetime each and every time. On every continent on Earth, in every hidden corner, are discoveries waiting to be made, and local experts like ours waiting to show them to you. But what if the be-all and end-all of adventures is waiting to be had on Around the World: The Ultimate Journey? In a group of just 16 or fewer travelers, you can circle the globe and, in 2018, discover the arts of Bali, ride the legendary Eastern & Oriental Express train, track the “Big Five” on safari, or explore the “Lost City” of Machu Picchu. Our curated itinerary takes all of your bucket-list destinations and combines them for the ultimate passport stamper, traveling in deluxe comfort in all five-star accommodations.

But you don’t have to take our word for it — here is what 10-time traveler Patsy L. Ray had to say about her most recent departure:

“I had the pleasure of traveling with Vantage on the first 2012 Around the World tour and now again ... Each of these tours was filled with new adventures, amazing educational opportunities, delightful Cultural Connections, luxurious hotels, and gourmet meals … When asked what was my favorite country on the 2015 tour, I can honestly reply, ‘Each country we visited!’ The variety of cultures we were able to encounter on a people-to-people basis in such a relatively short period of time was truly amazing as well as being able to enjoy the scenic highlights of each country.”

This year, we are pleased to announce our 2019 itinerary, adding in explorations based upon feedback from loyal travelers like Patsy, and adventurers looking for some something just a little bit different from what other travel companies offer (and at a better value, too!). Vantage has added several enriching discoveries in South America, including wineries in Santiago de Chile and the colorful, artsy city of Valparaiso; the ancient wonders of Egypt and the breathtaking Sphinx; and Chobe National Park safaris and Namibia, where you’ll visit a local school, meet a storyteller and get up close and personal with the people who live there.

That’s the hallmark of every Vantage trip: Not only visiting iconic sites, but immersing yourself in the food, art, music, landscapes and traditions of the people in each country and on each continent you’ll visit. Just imagine — travel with us on our new Around the World adventure in 2019 and you’ll set foot in 10 countries, on four continents, and enjoy 61 included excursions and Cultural Connections. With just three departures of just 16 travelers, that means only 48 travelers can join us … don’t you want to be one of them?