Talking turkey with Vantage Groups travelers

Vantage Travel Team November 19, 2017

This is the time of year when people talk about giving thanks. Vantage travelers Ted and Mary Tronosky (members of the St. Paul’s Lutheran International Travel group) recently showed us the value of expressing gratitude beyond Thanksgiving.

They wrote a holiday greeting (excerpts below) to their Group Leader, Marilyn Ericson, as well as Vantage Adventure Leader Matt Bracher and Vantage Groups Department associates Patrick Dempsey and Cheryl Sheehan. The letter is about their Group’s experience on Australia & New Zealand: An Adventure Down Under, and we thought we’d share it for a couple of reasons.

First, because the Tronoskys are regulars in Vantage Group Travel (former Group Leaders, in fact) and their feedback shows how important this type of travel is to them. They keep coming back not only because of the benefits that come with Vantage Group travel, but because of the experiences it provides and the camaraderie it creates. Second, it reminded us how much some kind words can really mean:


Patrick, Cheryl, Matt, and Marilyn,

Mary and I want to express our sincere appreciation for all of your time and fine efforts in enabling us to experience an enjoyable and memorable trip to New Zealand and Australia. We are so blessed having all of you in our lives.

Marilyn—as our Group Leader, you are such a giving person, with patience and leadership skills that enabled the Saint Paul Lutheran International Travelers (SPLIT) to gather a truly remarkable, fun-loving, and friendly group of individuals. To Patrick and Cheryl (our Vantage Group Travel Representatives): We truly appreciate your hard work and attention to details, and your ability to resolve issues and go the “extra mile.” And Matt (our Adventure Leader) made a wonderful trip a truly spectacular adventure! Your knowledge, people skills, diplomacy, humor, ability to adjust to last minute changes  and just plain fun-to-be-around personality  made the trip truly outstanding!! We have always had excellent Tour Directors with our many previous Vantage trips but you are THE best! Thank you Matt!

We felt that everything was excellent on our adventure, especially the quality and value. The itinerary, the hotels, the meals, the included trips, and the optional excursions were outstanding and Vantage delivered as promised in your catalogs, brochures, and videos. There were so many “wow” moments: The view of Mount Cook when we walked into our room at the Heritage Hotel in New Zealand and the clear mountain reflections in the stream in the Mirror Lakes region come to mind. We also truly loved our home-hosted dinner with a couple in New Zealand. This enabled us to experience a delicious home-cooked dinner and we were able to talk “people to people” about our countries, families, economy, social values, etc. And we loved that Matt Bracher quickly modified our itinerary so that we got to participate and experience lawn bowling at the Mossman Bowl Club. Personally experiencing this unique sport was a truly memorable experience. (And we feel the local ladies had fun and enjoyed teaching us rookie Americans!)

Based on our comparisons with other travel companies, we feel that Vantage Travel beats all of your competitors  hands down! That is why we comfortably recommended Vantage Travel to dozens of friends and neighbors.

We wish that we could adequately thank you and express our appreciation for all that you did for us.

Ted and Mary Tronosky

Thank you, Ted and Mary, for taking the time to write that letter. We’re grateful to have had the opportunity to help make your trip a memorable one, and we know Patrick, Cheryl, and Matt (and we’re sure Marilyn as well) really appreciated you recognizing their hard work. You’ve inspired us to be a little better about sharing our thanks this holiday season.

To Ted, Mary, Marilyn, the SPLIT Travel Group, and all our travelers: THANK YOU for choosing us to help fulfill your travel dreams. We look forward to traveling with you in 2018!

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