Say cheese! Enhance your photography on safari with our new photo safari

Vantage Travel Team November 3, 2017

Our Africa tours take you up close and personal with both culture and animals, including the Big Five. But now on safari, you have an even better chance of taking that postcard-perfect image, thanks to our new Chobe River photo safari Best of Africa: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana & Namibia.

You’ll board a specially equipped, six-passenger boat, designed with 360-degree swivel chairs and a mounted, professional-quality SLR camera with a zoom lens. Take your seat, enjoy a quick instructional briefing, and then the magic begins.

Feel the singular thrill of snapping close-up, professional-quality photos in the heart of the African wilderness. With a photography expert as your guide, float along the Chobe River and snap frame-worthy pictures of some of its most majestic creatures, including elephants, crocodiles, hippos, and more.

Imagine it: Sitting stock-still, a crocodile mere feet away, and snapping photos so close that you can see the iris of its watchful, reptilian eye. Elephants crossing the river, playfully jousting with their tusks, capturing the sun-kissed spray from their trunks as your boat quietly floats amongst them. Or fixing your telephoto lens on a fish eagle perched at the riverside, waiting for the moment when it stretches its massive wings in flight. Your guide will spot the wildlife while your captain puts you in a perfect position to snap exquisite pictures. This takes “up close and personal” to another level.

These will not be your average photos — one recent traveler (and novice photographer) said: “I never thought I could take pictures like that — they look like something in a magazine!” When you leave, take the memory card with you: A treasure trove of hundreds of spectacular wildlife photos you took yourself!