Heroes of Israel: Celebrating Israel’s 70th with a Special Journey

Vantage Travel Team October 27, 2017

Our founder, Henry Lewis, is proud of his Jewish heritage. So it was important to him to create an insightful Israel itinerary that showcased the country’s highlights as well as some insider experiences that illuminate the cultural, historic, and spiritual facets of Israel (not to mention its neighbor, Jordan). We’re proud of the trip we created: Israel & Jordan: Cultural Mosaics & The Holy Land.

Our travelers have raved about their experience in Israel, and as a company, we’ve developed a special affinity for the people of Israel.  That’s one of the reasons we’ve decided to celebrate some true heroes of Israel in a special way. As part of our Vantage Heroes program, we are sponsoring a healing cruise in France for combat veterans affiliated with Brothers for Life, an Israel-based organization that provides care and support for wounded combat veterans. Brothers for Life is an inspiring organization, which works by a simple yet effective model: wounded soldiers helping wounded soldiers. At the moment, Brothers for Life cares for 780 wounded soldiers and their families throughout Israel.

The full-day visit to the D-Day beaches and American Cemetery at Normandy will be especially poignant as we will lay a wreath to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to free the Jewish people from enslavement during history's greatest struggle. Their heroism during World War II is epitomized today by thousands of service men and women who have answered the call to uphold freedom and democracy around the world.

These soldiers have given so much in the defense of the state of Israel, a trusted ally of the United States. We’re honored to be able to give them something in return.