You say potato...Stuff yourself with these delectable dumplings from around the world!

Vantage Travel Team October 27, 2017

Asian dumplings
From Japanese gyoza to Chinese char siu bao, Asia is likely the first region to spring to mind when dishing about dumplings (and rightfully so!). While they vary in preparation and style, you can always count on the perfect bite of dough, meat, and veggies.

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Eastern European pierogies
Fried or baked, potato-filled or sauerkraut-filled (or both), pierogies are endless versatile and surprisingly easy to make on your own. And while we’ve seen some pretty wild Polish pierogi recipes in our day (think lemon and blueberry-stuffed), the comforting classic filled with mashed potatoes and onions will always be a favorite.

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Russian pelmeni
Traditionally filled with a mixture of beef, pork, and lamb, these boiled morsels are a staple of homemade Russian cooking. What varies, however, is what you dip them in —pelmeni sauces include everything from mayo or sour cream to horseradish or vinegar.

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Italian ravioli
Ah, ravioli. These heavenly pasta pillows are always a must-try while in Italy. Whether they’re tossed in butter or covered with sauce, they won’t disappoint. Another bonus? You can stuff them with just about anything!

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German kartoffelknoedel
Unlike its dough-based cousins, kartoffelknodel are essentially snowballs made of seasoned potato. Usually served with gravy, these potato dumplings are traditionally paired with oven-roasted meats; however, when stuffed with plums or apricots and glazed with butter and brown sugar, they also serve as a fabulous dessert!

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Indian samosas
Usually filled with potatoes, peas, and meat, these crispy bite-sized pastries are a must-try when you’re in India. Dip them in a sweet sauce to balance the savory filling.

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Latin America empanadas
These pockets of flakey, fried dough can be found in a few regions of the world, but few are as delicious as the ones found in Argentina and other Latin American countries. You’ll find a variation of fillings in this dish, from spiced meat and veggies to sweet dessert empanadas!

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