Dolphins you’ll flip for—and where to spot them with Vantage

Vantage Travel Team September 12, 2017

Dolphins don’t only frequent the ocean—in fact, some of the most rare and interesting species can be found in the world’s rivers. Many of them are rare and some are endangered — so seeing these creatures up close is a remarkable experience. Keep an eye out on any of the adventures listed below and you may even spy one yourself!   

Irrawaddy Dolphin Found on the Mekong and Mahakam, as well as the Irrawaddy, these dolphins have a bulging forehead and a small beak with more than a dozen teeth on each side of both jaws. They are very rare, so seeing one pop its head out of the water to get some air is a true treat. Look for it on: Myanmar Explorer, Mysteries of Angkor Wat & the Mekong River, and Grand Asian Journey.  Tucuxi This small, gray dolphin, which resides in the freshwater river basins in the Amazon, swims in small, tight groups and has been known to jump out of water. In fact, Tucuxi like to show off a bit — it’s not uncommon to see them waving their flippers and lobtailing. Look for it on: Amazon River Cruise: Peru's Wildlife Wonders  Yangtze Finless Porpoise These highly intelligent creatures once shared the waters of the Yangtze with the Baiji dolphin, a species that is now extinct. They are relatively small (generally weighing less than 100 pounds) and tend to travel alone or in small pods. Look for it on: Imperial China, Mysterious Tibet & the Yangtze River  Amazon River Dolphin The boto or the “pink river dolphin,” which swims through the Amazon Basin, is known for its long nose and distinctive pale pink color. Yet it has other unique features that make it stand apart from its fellow dolphins, including a flexible neck that allows it to move its head left and right. Look for it on: Amazon River Cruise: Peru's Wildlife Wonders