Water, Fire & Ice: Check off your Natural Wonder Bucket List

Vantage Travel Team September 1, 2017

The world is filled with beautiful places, but some stand apart from the rest. CNN recently posted their “bucket list” of natural wonders to visit, and we thought we’d share some of the remarkable ones you can experience with Vantage. Join us and start checking them off your list! This UNESCO World Heritage Site was created when a massive volcano exploded more than two million years ago. When you’re On Safari in Kenya & Tanzania, you’ll descend 2,000 feet into the crater to spy some of the more than 30,000 animals that live here. On our Coastal Norway adventure, you’ll sail past the spectacular cliffs of the UNESCO-listed Geirangerfjord and marvel at the famed “Seven Sisters” waterfalls. Travelers on our America's Majestic National Parks, Canyon & Monuments will stay on the South Rim of the Canyon at a deluxe lodge less than ten minutes from this trail. Experience the jaw-dropping beauty of this American treasure firsthand. If you choose the optional extension on our Australia & New Zealand adventure, you can visit Ayers Rock (also known as Uluru to the locals). Marvel at the world's largest monolith while sipping champagne at sunset as the rock’s red sandstone takes on ever-changing hues. These picturesque cliffs, which are as spectacular as they are famous, rise more than 700 feet above the sea. You’ll get to visit them on Ireland: A Deluxe Journey to the Emerald Isle, and learn about their natural history as well as their place in Irish lore.

David Livingstone named these falls for Queen Victoria, but the Batswana and Mokololo tribes called them Mosi-oa-Tunya, or “the smoke that thunders.” This Natural Wonder of the World continues to awe visitors on our Best of Africa, Grand Africa, and Highlights of Southern & East Africa adventures. Another Natural Wonder of the World, the reef is the largest living structure in the world. On Australia & New Zealand: An Adventure Down Under, you’ll experience its kaleidoscopic beauty firsthand, getting the opportunity to swim, snorkel, or simply watch the colorful fish and coral from an underwater viewing platform. On South America Adventure: Chile, Argentina & Uruguay, you’ll get a chance to explore these stunning cataracts. See them from the Brazilian and Argentine sides, and embark on a walking tour that includes views of Devil’s Throat, the largest of the 275 waterfalls here. If you take the extension on our Mysteries of Angkor Wat & the Mekong River, travelers can visit this visual wonderland of 3,000 limestone and dolomite karst formations. Legend has it that the bay’s landscape was formed when a dragon flew above the bay, swishing its tail and splitting the hillsides.