2020 Vision

Vantage Travel Team April 1, 2018

Spring — and Easter — are times of rebirth and renewal. But how about renewing that promise to yourself to take that chance, that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity not available to just any traveler? Vantage takes you there on two trips in 2020 — Majestic Rivers of Europe featuring Oberammergau extension and Switzerland, the Heart of the Rhine & Moselle featuring Oberammergau extension — when you reserve an Oberammergau Passion Play extension, which also features Munich.

Celebrated just once every 10 years, this world-famous theatrical extravaganza is the fascinating portrayal of Jesus’ life and times performed by most of this village of 5,100 (fun fact: their coat of arms is a cross). No matter whether you’re religious or not, the spectacle of tradition is fascinating. Long before there was Movember here in the States, the growth of facial hair during the month of November to raise awareness about men’s health issues, the men in the village of Oberammergau haven’t been allowed to shave their mustaches or beards for several months leading up to the performances. And like some of our strictest rules — such as that requiring the U.S. President be born domestically — those who participate in this seven-hour performance must be natives of the village. (Not to worry, performances include long breaks for dining and restroom usage!)

Few U.S. travel companies offer you the opportunity to get up close and personal with the villagers and culture of this Bavarian gem, and even fewer have exclusive access to the best seats and the deluxe hotels that Vantage has secured. The outside half-shell venue is set against the dramatic backdrop of the Alps, where you’ll sit in the frontward rows with English-language translation booklets, and collectible seat cushions and plush Vantage blankets.

In addition to the performance, you can immerse yourself in the surroundings of this postcard-worthy community, which is filled with intricate wood carvings owing to its home for the Bavarian State Woodcarving School. You’ll also find yourself taking countless photos of the Lüftlmalerei wall paintings, frescoes of traditional Bavarian themes like fairytales, religious scenes, and architectural trompe-l’oeil. Today, these clever paintings may remind you of the joys of Easter, colorful eggs decorated with depictions of the season’s charms.

Besides all this, enjoy the capital of Bavaria — Munich — on every departure of this extension (depending on your departure date, please note the number of days you spend in each location may vary). What’s in store there? All of the enriching activities you’ve come to expect with Vantage: a panoramic tour, optional tours like Nymphenburg Palace, and a City Host who can help you enjoy one of the city’s best brews, since it is renowned for its lively Oktoberfest celebration.

One thing’s for sure: You’ll want to raise a glass as a toast to this once-in-a-lifetime extension!