A family reimagines the classic American road trip on Canyonlands of the American Southwest

Vantage Travel Team August 19, 2018

At a youthful 71 years of age, Karen Foreman had no trouble keeping up with her grandchildren on a family trip across the American Southwest this past June.

In fact, the vacation had been all her idea. Foreman is a decorated traveler who just recently returned from Japan and will head to Scotland and Ireland in the fall, but on Canyonlands of the American Southwest, Foreman never expected to have the trip of a lifetime. Especially right here in North America.

“I have been all over the world — in fact, I’m running out of places to go — and I’ve never had a better vacation,” said the Louisville, Kentucky, resident.

Family road trips are the stuff of both myth and mockery — remember the Griswolds from National Lampoon’s Vacation? — but Foreman reimagined this classic American rite of passage by embarking on one of Vantage’s Multigenerational Journeys, which have a convenient Saturday-to-Saturday schedule, as well as built-in adventures and activities for travelers of all ages to ensure everyone is engaged and enjoying themselves from start to finish.

Continuous engagement was essential for Foreman, who traveled alongside her son, daughter, their spouses, and five grandchildren — four boys aged 21, 18, 17, 11, and a 13-year-old girl. While finding activities to please five young people, never mind an entire party of 10, might seem daunting, “everybody was so happy with the itinerary,” Foreman said.

Kicking off with a night in Scottsdale, Arizona, Canyonlands of the American Southwest next brings travelers to the mystical, New Age mecca of Sedona — two places on Foreman’s bucket list for years. But Foreman also hoped to check a few locales off the bucket list of her grandchildren — even if they didn’t know they had one.

As the family arrived at the Grand Canyon, “I heard my 18-year-old grandson say, ‘Dad, I never knew the U.S. looked like this,’ and I thought, ‘This is exactly what I wanted,’” Foreman recalled. “The kids loved being out on the rocks and taking photos and hiking, we did a lot of hiking together.”

In addition to the Grand Canyon’s North Rim — a quieter, lesser-traveled section of the iconic landmark — travelers also experience the gamut of major Southwestern sights including Lake Powell, Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, and even Las Vegas.

“Every day was different, and every day was better than the day before,” said Foreman.

Foreman and her family also loved the adventure’s accommodations, beginning with Scottsdale’s DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Paradise Valley — where her grandchildren made friends with other kids — and Lake Powell Resort. “I just don’t think you could do a better family trip,” she added.

And for those families curious about embarking on their own Multigenerational Adventure, Foreman offers this tidbit: “If you need something for all age ranges, there’s something here for everyone. Worth every penny. There were no complaints from anyone about anything!”

And for a family vacation, that’s nothing short of a miracle.

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