Indulge in Norway’s coastal kitchen for a truly adventurous meal

Vantage Travel Team February 20, 2018

Who says your feet are the only ones who get to do the exploring? Treat your taste buds to an adventure they won’t soon forget on Nordic Splendor: A Coastal Adventure in Norway.

Cruising the magnificent fjords of Norway means that you’re in for some truly unforgettable vistas. But you’ll find that this cruise is more than a feast for your visual senses — it's also an opportunity to experience Scandinavian culture through its foods.

Traditional Nordic food draws heavily on the raw materials available throughout the country from its mountains, wilderness, and waters. Throughout your Nordic voyage, you’ll indulge your taste buds daily with regional specialties in the ship’s multiple dining spaces.

This adventure doesn’t only allow you to traverse one of the world’s most beautiful regions, it also takes you through one of its most abundant seafood pantries — and we take advantage of it! From freshly caught fish and savory reindeer meat to sweet bygg crème and spice cakes, the ship’s chef works with local purveyors all along the Norwegian coast to bring you farm-to-table seasonal ingredients and traditional recipes from the very lands you’re exploring.

What’s more, each time you sit down to dine, you’ll find fascinating facts and stories regarding the dishes and suppliers right there on your menu! In short, it’s more than a meal — it’s a culinary exploration.

Check out these sample menus to get a taste of what awaits you on Nordic Splendor: A Coastal Adventure in Norway.

Day 3 - ztrondheim Rorvik  Day 5 - Tromso Skjervoy