Planning a wedding, birthday or just need to know where a local shops? Our Concierges will help!

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Vantage Travel Team January 19, 2018

Meeting a new travel buddy is great — but what about someone who’s already a local, who knows where, as he says, “all of the best coffee places and best shopping are… all of the small details in every single town”? Or even someone who can help plan your anniversary, honeymoon, or family event onboard and do all of the heavy lifting so you enjoy your vacation? Vantage has that person for you — your expert Concierge, like 

Svetlyo Stoyanov, featured in our new video here. This Bulgarian native has 10 years of customer service experience and loves working with people to help enhance their included features with other on-the-ground personal enrichment. Svetlyo works aboard the six-star ms River Voyager, and there are other Concierges like him onboard Vantage’s deluxe European fleet ready to help travelers like you. Perhaps you have a request for some concert tickets in Vienna, want to savor the best pastry in Budapest, or figure out the most scenic routing for taking our complimentary onboard bikes out for a spin — these new friends are your ideal resource! 

Our complimentary Concierge service adds the thoughtful attention you receive from your Cruise Director, chefs, and captain, and our friendly staff and crew remains a key reason why we earn rave reviews from travelers! Nancy Mumpton traveled on our Switzerland, the Heart of the Rhine & Moselle cruise and lauded her concierge, saying: “She was great, as was the Cruise Director! What a wonderful trip, with great staff!” And John Hanck, who also sailed the Rhine and Moselle, said “We thoroughly enjoyed (every bit) – the staff and tours were excellent. Agnes the concierge was particularly friendly and helpful.”

Besides being helpful, these experts are a pleasure to socialize with. If you’re traveling solo and want to enjoy a get-together with others like you, your concierge can facilitate your invite and a glass of wine or soft drink. They can also help organize parties and get-togethers onboard should you be celebrating a special occasion, or want to toast an engagement or anniversary!

Learn more about our Onboard Deluxe Concierge Services here, or send a pre-trip email request to up until two weeks prior to departure, and you'll have your answer from our overseas Concierge within 5 business days. Once you're on board, just stop by the Concierge Desk (located in your ship's lobby).