Don't miss out on six ways to save

Vantage Travel Team January 28, 2018

When 3-time Vantage traveler Fred Van Looy booked upcoming departures on Hidden Gems of the British Isles & Ireland and Ultimate Africa Adventure: Southern & East Africa Deluxe Safari, he capitalized on strategic savings offered by Vantage.

By booking two trips in one phone call, Van Looy received $250 off his trip price while saving up to 10% by paying in full electronically with Vantage’s SmartPay℠ Discount Plan. And, because Van Looy has a history of Vantage travel, he earned a Past Traveler Discount of 5%, too.

For the Swiss-born Van Looy, exploring the historical lure of the British Isles will be a bucket-list experience. But for his partner, Barbara Dougherty, it’s a homecoming of sorts. Her father was a British citizen, and she once embarked on a cross-country tour of England, during which she located a few family members. Travel is so often about compromise, though, and the couple eagerly anticipates their journeys — but especially their first adventure to the African continent.

“We’ve been talking to friends of ours who’ve been on safaris, and they said it was the most wonderful experience of their lifetime,” said Dougherty.

And, thanks to Vantage’s comprehensive Travel Protection Plan, they’ll be protected on both trips.

Years ago, when Van Looy’s late wife became ill on a Caribbean cruise, his traveler’s insurance defrayed the exorbitant evacuation costs from St. Kitts to a U.S. hospital.

So, it was a no-brainer for Van Looy to purchase trip protection again, and Vantage’s Travel Protection Plan offers coverage across a spectrum of events — from complete cancellation to injury, and more.

While Van Looy and Dougherty have a few more months before their global spree kicks off, booking early with Vantage is key for ultimate savings, comfort, and customization.

Here’s six benefits to reserving early:

  1. Maximize your value with SmartPay℠ savings — save up to 10% by booking and paying in full in advance by check
  2. Earn a Past Traveler Discount (5% of tour cost paid, minus the Travel Protection Plan) from your trip (not applicable on bookings made within 90 days of departure)
  3. Apply existing Past Traveler Discounts toward your trip (not applicable on bookings made within 90 days of departure)
  4. Booking early ensures the best choice of routing and carrier on your flights
  5. Early booking gives you more choice when it comes to tours, dates, and cabin selections
  6. Best of all, you get more flexibility to move and make changes like departure date, especially since the closer you book to your departure date, the more likely your air tickets cannot be changed

Thinking about going somewhere? Explore Vantage’s trips and get a head start on that dream vacation now — it’s never too early to start planning!!