The 7 surprising reasons you should reserve a Croatia cruise today!

Carley Thornell June 6, 2018

A fascinating medley of colors, sights, sounds, luscious smells, and tastes, Croatia has untold riches along the glittering Istrian peninsula all the way inland to the charming capital of Zagreb. Vantage Copy Director Carley Thornell recently took Vantage’s 14-day Croatia & Pearls of the Adriatic small ship cruise and has these surprises to share:


Cruising in a small ship is a much more intimate and unique experience than traditional river cruising. The stabilizers on board this family-owned, 26-passenger yacht mean you likely won’t feel much movement, and you will enjoy the communal atmosphere in the dining room (with included spirits during meals and while the bartender is on duty), and in common areas like the hot tub and top deck. Sail directly into harbors that larger ships just can’t reach — like Old Town in Dubrovnik, for instance!


Travel along the coast and then inland (or vice-versa) and you’ll experience a breadth of delicious culinary choices. Closer to the coast, you’ll get fresh seafood in local restaurants and on board the La Perla — much of which will likely have been purchased that day from the port markets by Chef Nino. On board, you’ll also get a special visit from an oyster farmer in Ston, who will demonstrate the art of harvesting and slurping. He’ll also bring along his family’s delicious homemade wines! Inland, savory roasted meats are yours to feast upon — including during a few meals at family-owned farms. Plus, there is an excellent truffle-hunting culture, so you’ll find these delicacies everywhere!


Sip, savor, and swirl delicious locally made wines throughout your journey, whether it’s on board La Perla, during lunch at charming restaurants hand-selected by our expert local staff, or at family-owned vineyards. Both white and red varietals are common here, so you’ll have your pick of whichever pleases you (or perhaps both!).


Passport-stampers will enjoy a fascinating day in Bosnia and Herzegovina, whose commingling of three religions — Islam, Orthodox Christian, and Roman Catholic — makes for an intriguing blend of architecture, history, and government that splits leadership among the trio on a rotating basis. You’ll take tons of photos at Stari Most, the gorgeous bridge rebuilt after the Bosnian War. Plus, learn more of the fascinating history of Croatia throughout your tour, including Cultural Connection lectures.


The glittering coastline … rolling farmlands … iconic red roofs … From inland to shore, Croatia’s natural splendor intrigues and enchants. Traveling in April, we were also treated to a temperate climate that was a welcome escape from Boston’s bluster. One of the most favorite stops among the group — the waterfalls of Krka National Park!


Regional guides in each city and port of call will enhance your trip not only with their historical perspective, but by telling you stories about what it’s like to live and grow up in the former Yugoslavia. Want to know what life is like on an island? Ask your local guide in Hvar. Looking for unique insight on which seaside café is best or who has the tastiest gelato in Split? You’ve got someone who knows each location like the back of their hand — it will make you sad to wave goodbye!


(You can also experience this destination on Croatia Seasonal Splendor.)