With Vantage, every day is Mother’s Day

Vantage Travel Team May 11, 2018

They’ve come a long “Way” from taking family driving vacations to the U.S. National Parks — 4,000 miles, to be exact.

Mary Ann Way, a 21-time Vantage traveler, loves river cruising and just celebrated another trip with her daughter, Linda Manes: Switzerland, the Heart of the Rhine & Moselle. It appears home is where the “Heart” is, since they’ve basically made Vantage river ships their second home outside of North Carolina.

“The destinations and ports of call are important, of course, but being on the river ships is just so wonderful — I’ve had so many friends say they didn’t necessarily care where they were going, as long as they were able to relax on board, meet the crew, and eat the delicious food!”

On board the ms River Voyager, they feasted on regional specialties like German sausages and spaetzle, sipped local wines, and toasted when someone in their group celebrated an birthday or anniversary (Mary Ann shares the love not only with her family but friends as a Group leader, too); there’s a special bang when the baked Alaska is served, sparklers and all!

Besides the onboard Concierge service — where the Way groups can set up special events like group excursions using some of the onboard bikes or book local concert tickets, like other travelers can no matter what their cabin category — Mary Ann and Linda say they’ve always loved bonding with their Cruise Directors. Several of them even keep in touch via email and Christmas cards!

The dynamic mother-daughter duo has, of course, enjoyed the holiday cheer of a Vantage Christmas cruise, including the quaint German holiday markets, a journey they made with Mary Ann’s late husband Charlie. After he passed away a few years ago, she was hesitant to travel “alone” and decided to take Linda along for support. Seven trips later, the two bond over new and beloved destinations.

Lucerne, Switzerland,” said Mary Ann.

She’s been to the latter a few times, and always offers advice on how to beat jet lag. “If you do a pre-trip, you get there and can adjust to the time zones without having a bunch of activities. It’s more relaxed so you can get a bit of sleep, catch up with some of the others on your tour, and explore a bit more on your own.”