Dad shares what not to miss on a British Columbia Adventure

Vantage Travel Team September 9, 2018

Imagine drinking from a fresh mountain stream? Climbing to the top of the Space Needle in Seattle? What about flying in the front next to the pilot on an invigorating seaplane? What about doing all of those exciting things — with your children or teenagers alongside you? Sounds like some pretty great family memories, right?

Vantage’s Chief Technology Officer, George Tilton, recently brought along his wife Kathy, son Sam, 14, and godson James, 14, on a departure of British Columbia Adventure: Vancouver to Seattle by Seaplane and Ferry. Here’s what he had to share about his Top Five can’t-miss experiences:

What was your most thrilling adventure?
The Capilano Bridge, without a doubt. There are trails that are treetop adventure terraces. It’s like rope bridges through the forest. There were tons of great viewing activities to keep the kids busy — but of course kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy those, either!

And the seaplane. The Adventure Leader made it a special point to put the kids in the front for the best views. It was Sam’s biggest grin all week!

What will you remember most?
We’ve been on family vacations to see the mountains all over the East Coast, but Canada is so much different! The outdoors is magnificent — the wilderness is definitely different from what we see in our backyards. We learned about stone flour and the fact that it changes color. We also got to visit Butchart Gardens — it reminded me of the public gardens in France or Great Britain, with different themes. One of the coolest was the Japanese sunken garden, which was wonderful. There was also a gelato stand that was centrally located, so Sam and James definitely enjoyed a couple of trips there.

Did you have a favorite city?
Seattle is awesome. The kids loved going to the top of the Space Needle. It’s a city I’ve visited before but there’s always something new to see. Next year, travelers are going to enjoy included admission to Chihuly Garden and Glass. And there’s a new chocolate tour, too, so I’m sure Sam and James wouldn’t complain.

You’ve traveled on a few other Vantage trips — how did this compare?
I was really impressed with the hotels on this trip. Normally, in a group, it takes a while to check in, but everything was really well-timed so we just arrived, grabbed our keys, and checked into our rooms. Our quad rooms are a great option, too.

Any advice for other families traveling?
Always bring chargers! I brought two portable chargers but it wasn’t enough — the boys were always on their phones taking pictures and posting them!