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Vantage's River boat with our green initiatives like local sourced food and green engine.
Vantage Travel Team April 14, 2019

Here at Vantage, we’re renowned for saving travelers some green, but we’ve also launched key green initiatives that will help save the world in which we travel, too. As climate change challenges the world to do more and do better, Vantage has made critical shifts to be more sustainable and environmentally-friendly, including saving paper with our convenient e-catalogs. Here’s what else:

View of downtown Boston from the Harbor
At our home office, Vantage employs every measure to ensure that our building is as efficient as possible, using electric hand dryers, LED lighting, electronic filing systems, and the latest digital marketing strategies to keep both us — and you, the traveler — happy and informed. Our convenient online MyPortfolio accounts help you with your tours 24/7, while convenient e-catalogs let you browse our cruises and adventures while saving paper.

Vantage's river cruise ship the m/s Voyager ON OUR RIVER FLEET
Water is a precious resource, which is why we protect at every turn through our water management programs. On our river ships, you’ll find refillable water bottles in every stateroom, which help our travelers eliminate plastic during their cruise. Here’s what else:

  • Showers equipped with resource-saving technology to use 40% less water than traditional showers
  • Vacuum toilet system uses a quarter of a gallon per flush, unlike traditional U.S. toilets (an average of 1.3 in U.S. homes)
  • Pure Blue wastewater management system converts wastewater to clean water (99.7% pure) that can be disposed of into the local rivers
  • All ships are obliged to separate recyclable materials like paper, plastic, and oils
  • New filter systems reduce engine lubricant oils used by 80 percent; fuels burn cleaner and mean engines are more efficient, resulting in higher mileage per gallon of fuel used
  • Vantage's exclusive itineraries mean the most direct routes, for best fuel efficiency
  • River Ship Captains trained to sail using the best speeds for highest fuel efficiency
  • Lighting on all ships is LED, consuming just 12%-15% as much electricity as standard bulbs
  • Electronic communications via email, MyPortfolio, and onboard tablets mean an average of one pound of paper per passenger is saved

Locally sourced food from one of the Vantage river cruise ships CUISINE
Our local, immersive culinary programs around the world mean there’s less fuel wasted (and we support the local economy) on importing costs! On our river ships, for instance, this means 90 percent of food comes from local suppliers, so it’s not only fresh, but does not require preservation agents when being transported long distances.

Rendition of Vantage Travels new ship the m/s Ocean Explorer
OCEAN EXPLORER — Coming soon for 2021!
When we set out to change the future of luxury adventure cruising, we did so with the future in mind. That’s why our forthcoming custom-built ocean cruising vessel, Ocean Explorer, uses the latest technology for reduced emissions into air and sea and lower energy consumption than other vessels in its class. Click here for more info.

Vantage partners with airlines that adhere to the same strict environmentally friendly standards we employ around the world.

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