Antarctica Expedition Cruises: What to Expect on Your Next Journey

Antarctica Expedition Cruises: What to Expect on Your Next Journey
Andrew Jackson December 18, 2022

If you're looking for an Antarctica cruise vacation that will take you to one of the most remote and rare destinations on earth, look no further than Vantage Deluxe World Travel. Our Antarctica expedition cruises are extremely popular with adventurous travelers who want to see firsthand the amazing wildlife and landscapes that can only be found in Antarctica. Our experienced guides will take care of everything while you're on board our luxury ship, providing all the amenities and luxuries you would expect from a world-class travel company. So, what can you expect daily on your Antarctica cruise? Let's find out!

A Typical Day in Antarctica

Due to the nature of the Seventh Continent's extreme temperatures and harsh weather, travelers can plan to spend most of their Antarctica cruise on board the ship. However, when conditions permit and it's safe for you and your fellow passengers, our experienced Antarctica expedition team will take you ashore for an unforgettable view of Antarctica's remarkable landscape. A typical day begins bright and early with a delicious breakfast and morning briefing about the day's activities, lectures, and other pertinent info. Keep in mind, things may change on the fly, and we make sure to update passengers with any new information or itinerary changes as soon as possible, if necessary.

Each day, you’ll have one landing in which you venture ashore on versatile Zodiac boats and one scenic cruising in which you’ll likely head to the deck for the most optimal views. Depending on where we land, and what day of the journey you're on, you may have the chance to witness a colony of penguins, as well as other Antarctica wildlife, up close. During landings, you’ll break into small groups and enter Zodiac boats alongside your Expedition Team. Once on shore, they’ll scope out conditions and offer guided hikes, walks, talks, and offer anecdotes and helpful information, depending on the wildlife and nature you encounter.

On Board the Ship

The Antarctica cruise is designed with comfort and relaxation in mind. Our luxury ship is often compared to a 5-star hotel, and you will see and feel this in every detail while you're on board. While on board, the Expedition Team will prepare you for the adventure to come by hosting presentations on history, geology, ornithology, marine biology, and more topics relevant to your expedition. Our team members have been traveling to polar regions for years, and their expertise and advice will undoubtedly enhance your journey. Not to mention, they’re sure to have some epic travel stories to tell you all about!

Due to the sheer distance from the mainland, Antarctic cruises include a considerable amount of time at sea. This offers you the perfect opportunity to enjoy life on board in true Vantage style, luxury, and comfort. Your expedition-focused ship offers three dining options, a library, a gym and wellness center, a dedicated space for presentations, a spa, and massage services, as well as other traditional onboard amenities. Rooms all face outwards, guaranteeing you spectacular views as you sail the southern seas through the vast, unspoiled natural splendors of Antarctica.

Ready to Embark on Your Antarctica Cruise?

At Vantage Deluxe World Travel, we have the best Antarctica expedition cruises available anywhere on the market today. With two great NEW itineraries, Antarctic Express Expedition and Antarctic Adventurer Expedition, we've stepped up our presence in this region with incredible offers that are curated for the most discerning travelers and outshine the competition at every level. Our Antarctica experts are hand-picked for their knowledge and devotion to Antarctica travel, and our luxury expedition ships provide everything you need for the Antarctica cruise of a lifetime. Contact us today, and let's get you ready to explore one of the rarest and most desirable destinations on earth.

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