Our Top 5 Favorite Solo Cruises

Our Top 5 Favorite Solo Cruises
Andrew Jackson July 20, 2022

As we all get back to traveling again, it’s important to remember that we’ve got lots of options when it comes to where we go, and whom we go. Traveling solo is a pleasure, and one that we’ve embraced wholeheartedly over the years developing ourselves into the leader in solo travel. With a landmark 15 solo cabins on each ship, Vantage has unparalleled options for solo journeys all around the world. We offer an astounding 1,240 total FREE solo rooms on Ocean and River Cruises, which means a nearly endless array of options to choose from when you cruise. To narrow it down, however, we’ve come up with a list of five of our favorite itineraries. Here they are:

  1. Discover Southeast Asia
    This awe-inspiring 20-day itinerary is steeped with cultural immersion, natural beauty, and some of the most popular ports in all of Asia. Step into one of the largest tin mines in the world in Kuantan, bask on the postcard-perfect beaches of Koh Samui, venture deeper into Vietnam’s past at Ho Chi Minh City and Hue, and visit 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including mythical Halong Bay. Plus, a special overnight excursion to Phnom Penh gives you added insight into the “Pearl of Asia,” from the turbulent Khmer Rouge years to its present-day rise as Cambodia’s economic center.

  2. White Continent: Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falkland Islands Expedition
    Set sail on the journey of a lifetime with a solo cruise to the Southern Hemisphere to explore Argentina, Antarctica, and the fascinating south Atlantic islands. Throughout your expedition, look forward to educational lectures and daily opportunities to come face-to-face with polar wildlife like gentoo, Adélie, chinstrap penguins, humpback whales, and majestic seabirds. Each day, you’ll embark Zodiac boats and make landfall with the Expedition Team, who will ensure total immersion in the history, wilderness, and landscapes of these remote outposts where nature reigns supreme.

  3. Lisbon to London: A Coastal Odyssey
    How about a marvelous journey throughout western Europe to the U.K. to start your solo adventures off right? Join Vantage Deluxe World Travel aboard the Ocean Odyssey for a luxurious small ship ocean cruise from Lisbon to London that includes explorations into the hidden gems and overlooked ports of Portugal, Spain, and France. From Belle-Île’s laid-back shores and Saint-Malo’s medieval walls to the ports of northwest Spain and the Basque resort town of San Sebastián, this cruise will illuminate the historical, cultural, and culinary wonders of both ancient and contemporary life.

  4. Luxury on the Nile: Ancient Egyptian Wonders
    Prepare to embark on a luxury cruise fit for a pharaoh, featuring Vantage’s own all-suite, 5-star Nile cruise ship, the m/s Nebu. This is the most extravagant way to explore Egypt solo, and we’ve got the perfect itinerary for you to get started. Over 15 days, you’ll unlock Egypt’s great mysteries. In Cairo, marvel at the soaring Pyramids and the treasures of the new Grand Egyptian Museum and wander the exhilarating maze of stalls at the Khan el-Khalili market. Spend seven nights cruising the lush Nile Valley, where sprawling temples venerate ancient gods and elaborate tombs reveal the secrets of pharaohs. You’ll even visit the colossal twin temples at Abu Simbel, which Ramses II had built for himself, and delve into another side of Egypt in Mediterranean-flavored Alexandria.

  5. Autumn in New England and Canada: Montréal to Boston
    Travel solo along the beautiful New England and eastern Canadian coastline and riverways on this fabulous 10-night cruise. As the air gets crisp and the leaves turn from green to brown, autumn is a spectacular time to visit eastern Canada and New England. Vantage Deluxe World Travel’s Autumn in New England & Canada: Montréal to Boston will take you through Canada’s breathtaking Nova Scotia and into the Quebecois region. But this is just the beginning! Then, get to know the USA’s birthplace as you stroll down the brick-lined alleys of Beacon Hill, crossing Charles River into Cambridge. You’ll delve into Boston’s historic importance as you explore Cambridge, Lexington, and Concord. Feel inspired by the North America you never could have imagined.

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