See and Experience the Wonders of Antarctica on an Expedition Cruise

See and Experience the Wonders of Antarctica on an Expedition Cruis
Andrew Jackson January 8, 2023

On a cruise to Antarctica with Vantage Travel, you will be treated to a stunning display of wildlife and natural wonders. Antarctica is home to some of the most unique creatures in the world and they can all be seen while on your expedition cruise to this expansive, beautiful, polar destination. From penguins to seals and more, you'll get a chance to marvel at several diverse species as they move, survive, and thrive in their natural habitat. You'll also have the opportunity to learn about the intricate balance of nature on the continent, and how human activities are impacting the environment as well.

What does a typical Antarctica cruise entail?

When visiting on a cruise to Antarctica, you will have the chance to participate in various expedition activities that cater to your interests, led by an expert team that is incredibly versed in local nature and safety procedures. Each experience is unique and offers something different for every guest, which makes it truly a special experience and one that many travelers dream of crossing off their list. Typically, you'll spend a significant amount of time on the ship, viewing the vast natural splendor while at sea, due to the geography and weather of the continent. While aboard the ship, you can expect to take part in lectures and talks about Antarctica's wildlife and natural wonders, as well as extensive preparation for the time you'll spend outside.

You'll also get the chance to visit Antarctica on land, where you will travel from your ship to the icy shores via zodiac boat, weather and sea ice permitting. These land visits are usually the highlight of Antarctica cruises and give guests a chance to get up close with some of Antarctica's incredible wildlife. Seals, penguins, albatrosses, and other seabirds are all common sights during these shore visits, allowing you the opportunity to take in Antarctica's unique beauty while listening to their enchanting calls. The seasonal nature of an Antarctic cruise allows guests to visit at the warmest time of year, which is also when the most wildlife will be out and visible too.

Respecting the fragile natural balance and preciousness of Antarctica

With Antarctica's fragile environment, there are specific standards in place when visiting to ensure that all guests respect nature and leave no trace behind. This is important to Vantage as an industry leader in Antarctic cruises and expedition cruises in general. Your guides will explain the rules and regulations of Antarctica, as well as ways to be a respectful traveler while visiting. Antarctica's fragile and isolated environment requires more consideration than a typical cruise destination, and Vantage is committed to helping you become an informed traveler in this regard.

Antarctica cruises with Vantage provide an unparalleled experience and one that carries on before, during, and after your voyage with us. Your onboard experience is tantamount to a successful trip as well, and we've ensured that your time at sea is filled with exciting and informative activities, as well as comfortable staterooms, luxurious amenities, and world-class dining. With Vantage, you’ll get the opportunity of a lifetime and be able to take in Antarctica's beauty in a way that will leave an impression on your heart forever. It truly is the ultimate travel adventure and one you won't soon forget.

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