• Recipe: Irish Breakfast on a Sheet Pan

    "My husband and I met in Dublin, Ireland, where he’s from. In our house, Irish breakfast is practically a sacred meal. With a little tweaking and the use of a sheet pan, you can make a “full Irish” without having to splatter grease all over your kitchen in the process."

    Vantage Travel Team May 10, 2020
  • Traveling Solo: One Day in Barcelona

    Cristina shares a whirlwind 24-hours in the colorful city of Barcelona, from iconic architecture to discovering the best vino tinto!

    Cristina Owen March 20, 2020
  • Go inside Vantage‚Äôs sustainability initiatives

    Vantage's River boat with our green initiatives like local sourced food and green engine.

    Here at Vantage, we’re renowned for saving travelers some green, but we’ve also launched key green initiatives that will help save the world in which we travel, too. As climate change challenges the world to do more and do better, Vantage has made critical shifts to be more...

    Vantage Travel Team April 14, 2019
  • Two-wheeled wanderings in Europe

    Multigenerational Family on a Biking Adventure in Europe

    Discovering Vienna and Budapest by bike

    Philip McCluskey February 1, 2019
  • A German solo journey uncovers village life, seasonal joys, and sausages galore

    Solo Traveler on the heart of Germany river cruise

    When Vantage recently sent me on our Heart of Germany river cruise, I immediately set my sights on one thing: sausage. And while every day in a new port presented another opportunity for my unfolding sausage safari, I discovered so much more than these prized German links. From friendly locals...

    Sarah Sweeney January 15, 2019