Cancellation Policy

Cancellation policy for your trip

Deposit • Final Payment Date • Cancellation Fees

In the event of cancellation, you will receive a refund equal to your trip price less the per-person charges. The charges shown below include the $300 administrative fee.

All cancellation schedules show number of days prior to departure.

Deposit: $500 per person
Final Payment Date: 90 days prior to departure
Cancellation Fee:   
   121+ days prior to departure: $300 per person
   120-91 days prior to departure: $500 per person
   90-61 days prior to departure: 40% of selling price per person
   60-31 days prior to departure: 65% of selling price per person
   30-0 days prior to departure: (including no-shows) 100% of selling price per person*


Around the World Journeys fees below

Deposit, Final Payment, and Cancellation Fee Information   
Initial Deposit (due at time of booking): $5,000 per person
2nd Deposit (due 180 days prior to departure): $7,000 per person
Final Payment Due: 120 days prior to departure
Cancellation Fees:   
   241+ days prior to departure: $3,000 per person
   240-181 days prior to departure: $10,000 per person
   180-121 days prior to departure: $15,000 per person
   120-1 days prior to departure: (including no-shows) 100% of the selling price per person based on full program price


Air Delays/Cancellations: All air routings are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. Vantage is not responsible if an airline cancels or delays a flight for any reason, including weather. If you are unable to make your departure, it is your responsibility to work with the airline on which you are ticketed to reach your destination. Vantage is not responsible for any additional expenses you may incur prior to joining your trip. Vantage will not provide any refund for portions of trips missed due to canceled or delayed flights. If an air schedule requires an overnight stay in a gateway city, Vantage can assist with hotel reservations as availability permits. However, overnights are at your expense unless otherwise specified in writing.

If you must cancel your Vantage trip prior to departure:
If you purchase Vantage's Full-Value Travel Protection Plan and must cancel your trip before your scheduled departure date for:

  1. A covered reason under the Trip Cancellation Benefit, you will be reimbursed for the unused non-refundable prepaid expenses for travel arrangements; or
  2. for any reason under the Cancel for Any Reason Waiver, you will receive a Vantage Travel Certificate for the cancellation fee amount (the balance of the refund, if applicable, will be made either by check or credit card credit). Cancel for any reason and your trip is covered by cash or travel credits.

Please note that the Vantage Travel Pre-Departure Cancellation Waiver does not cover fees associated with air or other travel arrangements not directly provided by Vantage. Vantage Travel Certificates are nontransferable and nonrefundable, are valid for travel up to one year from the date of issuance, but not to exceed 15 months after the date of trip cancellation, and may not be redeemed for cash. Travel Certificates may not be used to purchase the Vantage Travel Protection Plan. Travel Certificates retain the original date of issue when applied to a new trip and you have to cancel. The SmartPay Discount Plan is not available on any portion of a trip paid for with Vantage Travel Certificates. For more details, please ask your Vantage travel consultant or visit online at With the Vantage Full Value Travel Protection Plan, you're covered for any reason should the unexpected happen! During your tour: If something unexpected happens on tour — there is coverage for that, too! You're covered for most medical expenses even overseas, where Medicare does not cover you.

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