Americas & Antarctica

Explore Breathtaking Natural Wonders Up Close

Our South America cruises offer a wondrous tableau of natural beauty that hugs South America’s waters. Darwin’s living laboratory in the Galápagos harbors creatures unlike any you’ve seen. Soaring Patagonian peaks tower over breathtaking lakes and inlets. Do you want to see something truly extraordinary? Then cruise to the last frontier, Antarctica. Our Antarctica cruise consists of a mesmerizing landscape of gleaming white shores, blue-tinged icebergs, and lively penguin colonies.

All our cruises in the Americas and Antarctica are on small ships. The ships on these journeys are equipped with stable ship tenders so we can easily go onshore for closer exploration. The onboard experienced naturalists and Program Managers on our cruises unravel the mysteries of these magical destinations.

We’ve selected these small ships to help you explore up close:

ms Fram

M/V Zafiro

    ms Midnatsol

      M/V Santa Cruz II

      MV Victory I

      MV Victory II

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