Small Groups Plus Private Departures

For an Experience That's Always Relaxed and Personal

All our Family Adventures are designed for small groups of 18-26 travelers, depending on whether you are traveling by land, river ship or small ship. This means you will always enjoy a more relaxed, authentic, and intimate experience, not to mention personalized service. But you can also enjoy the ultimate in personalization (and even earn up to 2 FREE spots!) when you reserve a private departure.

Our Small Groups Offer a Big Advantage

You're coming all this way to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you want it to be as enjoyable, stress-free and personally meaningful as it can be. This is why Vantage departures are limited to small groups of just 18-26 travelers. (On some of cruises your group might share the ship with another group.) Our group size can move about freely, deploying quickly, with no waiting, no commotion—especially great if you're traveling with children. Your Trip Leader will have time to get to know you, and will work to help you achieve all your personal goals for this trip.

Unique Access to the Culture

You’ll notice the difference right away when your small group quietly enters a village and slips into the flow of daily life, as opposed to disrupting it in caravans of buses. This makes your interactions with local people more authentic and personal. You’ll visit local schools, family homes, interesting small businesses and artisans’ studios—places that large tour groups just can’t go. Plus, we can take advantage of spontaneous opportunities—perhaps stopping to chat with local farmers, join a wedding party, or sample local snacks from a roadside stand. Discovery. Surprise. Connection. It’s all far richer when the context is this intimate.

Travel with Other Families

The relaxed atmosphere is ideal for bringing you closer to your loved ones and for sparking new friendships with other families in your group. We make every effort to match your family to a departure where there will be children in the same age group as yours. This certainly makes it fun for the kids, and you’ll appreciate having grown-up company. Don’t be surprised if you all come home with some new lifelong friends.

Request a Private Departure—and earn FREE spots!

If your family is large you can request that your group fills an entire departure. This not only makes for a very exclusive and personalized experience, it can save you money. As part of our Groups program, you'll earn a FREE spot for every ten family members who book. That means if 22 of you reserve the same trip, two of you can travel for free in your own private group, or share the savings with everyone who’s coming, reducing the cost for all. Find out more about our Groups program here.

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