UPDATE: Beginning with 3/26/22 departures, vaccinations against COVID-19 – including a Booster shot – are NOW required for all travelers and Vantage associates (ship crew, Expedition Team, Cruise Directors, Program Managers, etc.). For additional information, click here or visit our Safe Travels Initiative page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Group Leader?
Just get a group of 10 or more together from your Rotary Club, social group, philanthropic organization, church (or wherever!) and call us at 1-800-994-6321. Gather 10 full-paying travelers for your trip, and you travel FREE as the 11th! Our online Group Portfolio makes it a breeze to keep your trip details and traveler information organized. All you need is genuine enthusiasm and a desire to organize group members for an enjoyable vacation.

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How do I participate in the Travel Parties?

It’s fun and easy to host a Travel Party. Make the event lively and informative! And be well prepared: Think ahead about what will get people excited. Inspire them with a themed event. Host a morning coffee klatsch, wine-and-cheese tasting, or summer garden social. Feed them and they will come — we’ll even reimburse you up to $200 for food and beverages! Before your party, select a date and meeting spot that works for you, then send invitation emails to your lucky family and friends. Anyone who reserves a trip during the Travel Party will receive $100 off the chosen departure. Contact a Vantage Group Representative in advance at 1-800-994-6321 so you’re fully prepared.

Will you help me organize the trip?
Of course! In fact, we'll do most of the "heavy lifting" for you. We'll help you select a Vantage trip and send you promotional materials via email to help you spread the word. Then, once the journey is planned, we'll handle the reservations and payments directly with each traveler.
Do I need to travel with my group?
No. You can make the arrangements for your group. Rest assured that your group will be well cared for by our Cruise Directors, Tour Directors, or Adventure Leaders that accompany each tour.
How do the reservations work?
You will receive a special group code. When your travelers reserve their journey, they can call our toll-free number, 1-888-514-1845 and provide their code. This ensures that you receive credit for each traveler, without having to handle payments from them.
As Group Leader, will I have a lot of work to do?
Not at all. Vantage will handle all the details, from reservations to airline tickets to transfers. We'll even keep in touch with your group members through a series of predeparture mailings to fill them in on all details of their journey and make sure they are well prepared.
What is a full-paying traveler?
Any traveler paying the Vantage double-occupancy or single-occupancy rate is a full-paying traveler. 
Note that travelers who cancel or do not complete their trip do not count toward free trips or other group travel.
Will there be people other than my own group on the tour?
It depends on how many people you sign up. But the likelihood is that other travelers will accompany you.
When will I receive my reward?
If you decide to travel with your group, your free trip will appear as a credit to your account approximately 14 days prior to departure.
If I earn a free trip, are there any charges?
Just a few nominal fees, such as our optional Travel Protection Program, pre- or post-trip extensions, optional tours, and the like. Certain taxes and fees may also be applicable. If you choose to travel in a single room on your free trip, you will be charged the Single Supplement, or the difference between the double-occupancy and single-occupancy rates.
Can I earn more than one FREE trip if I gather more than the minimum number of required travelers?
Yes! You'll continue to earn rewards based on the number of travelers you organize for the journey. For every 10 full-paying travelers you gather for your journey, the 11th person will earn a FREE trip. Gather 21 full-paying travelers, and the 22nd person will earn a FREE trip, and so on. There’s no limit to the FREE trips you can earn! Please remember that space is sometimes limited by the type of trip you select.
What is the best way to promote my trip?
The quickest way to get your group members excited about your trip is to take advantage of Vantage’s online Group Portfolio. This easy-to-use tool helps you recruit travelers with ease and keeps all the details about your group members at your fingertips. First, create your very own web page for your group, complete with trip details (and your group’s logo, if you’d like). Then, add the names of committed and potential travelers to your online Guest List. From the Group Portfolio, you can view your group members’ “Where to Next” lists to find out where they want to go next, grow your Guest List, create a trip brochure that you can save to your desktop and email to Family & Friends, and more! Potential travelers can even visit your web page to view trip videos and brochures. 

You can also refer potential travelers to the trip on this website; simply email them the website address that appears in the browser field at the top of the page. Alternately, you can write a letter to your group members and send each a Vantage brochure (supplied by us) with details about your trip. If you have a larger group of prospective travelers, we may be able to offer special promotional mailings on your behalf. Speak to a Vantage Group Sales Representative at 1-800-994-6321 to explore your options.

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