UPDATE: Beginning with 3/26/22 departures, vaccinations against COVID-19 – including a Booster shot – are NOW required for all travelers and Vantage associates (ship crew, Expedition Team, Cruise Directors, Program Managers, etc.). For additional information, click here or visit our Safe Travels Initiative page.

Passenger Information Form

Welcome to the Passenger Information Form. The Passenger Information section contains three sections, Passport, Personal and Medical information. Each section can may be filled out and saved independently. Click the Save button to save information for that section. When all secetions are complete, click the Save and Complete button for final review. If you are satified with the information you may click the "Mark Complete" button to notify that Vantage your Passenger Information data is complete.

It is important that you complete a separate form for each traveler on your reservation so that we can provide all travelers in your group with the best Vantage travel experience possible.


This must match your passport, including your middle name or initial, if any. Please click here to request a name change if necessary.

(examples., US Department of State or National Passport Center) Please note: USA is not a valid Authority


Please review this information, make any changes necessary, and continue to the next step. Changes made here will also be reflected in your profile.

Are you celebrating a special occasion?


You are obliged to inform Vantage, either in this online form or in writing, of any physical, emotional or medical condition that may require professional attention or the use of special equipment. This requirement applies to conditions that exist at the time you reserve your tour, as well as to any that may occur after your reservation has been made. Should you fail to let us know of any such condition, or if you should arrive for your trip with special equipment that cannot be accommodated on your tour, you may not be allowed to continue on the trip. In this case, you will forfeit the cost of your trip.

For further information please review the Vantage Tour Participation Agreement. It can be found either online or you may request that a copy be mailed to you by calling 1-800-322-6677.

Emergency Contact

  • Require oxygen or O2 concentration
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